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Ooooh broth? How is it?

Lovely but not very filling. Good as a starter and very easy to make.

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That looks spot on Hammy. Mmmmm. Hungry now… and I’ve just eaten.

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Best thing about home made rolls is that you can actually make them a decent size :wink:


Got five bags of plums leaving another bag or two on the tree. Gave out a few bags to neighbors and kept two for us. We froze them to keep them and have started defrosting them for a crumble:

Also harvested the damson tree getting three bags from just the lowest few branches, I’d say another half dozen bags left up there at least. Helped Kate prep them for jam:

Getting 5 jars out of just under one bag (2lb 14oz):

Also grabbed a goodie bag of tiffin supplies:

Planned for:

  • Spiced rum, milk chocolate, hazelnut, raisin and oaties biscuits
  • Coconut rum, white chocolate, almond, raisin and custard cremes
  • Spiced rum, dark chocolate, orange biscuit, Brazil nut and mixed berries

Rasins and mixed berries soaking over night in spirits ready for tiffin tomorrow:

Left to right:

  • Mixed berries in spiced rum
  • Rasins in spiced rum
  • Rasins in coconut rum

We had some picked damsons left over so Kate is doing plum and damson crumble!


oh how I love tiffin… we’ll be round on my day off for some :joy:


I always make too much so you’re always welcome!




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Little treat for me tonight, brocoli, korean steak and an egg on top.

Because this isn’t too special here is a picture of some fermented hot sauce I made a while ago! Almost ate all of it, barely any left.


Damson Jam!

And we still have loads left to harvest, need to get a move on before the temps drop too much.

And the Tiffin has set:

I’ll snap a few cross section pics later.


Tiffin! Yes! Love Tiffin (introduced by my lovely wife)

What’s your recipe?

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I love tiffin, especially boozy tiffin!

Recipe is kinda cobbled together:


  • One pack of your chosen biscuits
  • Half a pack of your chosen dried fruits like raisins/sultanas/etc (the standard lidl-sized bags)
  • One pack of your chosen nuts (again standard lidl sized bags)
  • 110g butter - salted/unsalted is your choice
  • 400g of your chosen cooking chocolate
  • Half a cup of milk
  • Two tablespoons of golden syrup
  • Booze of your choice - optional

Prep (optional): Soak the fruit in a bowl with your chosen booze over night.

  1. Crush the biscuits and nuts and combine in a large bowl
  2. Chop the butter down in to small cubes and place in a microwave bowl
  3. Chop your chocolate down in to small cubes and place in a large pyrex bowl
  4. Place the bowl in to a pan of simmering water (ban marie) and allow it to begin melting, stirring as it melts but making sure not to spread it on to the sides of the bowl as much as possible. Don’t allow it to get to hot to avoid burning the chocolate.
  5. When the chocolate begins to melt add two tablespoons of syrup and mix through
  6. As it is melting add small amounts of the milk to loosen the mixture up making sure to keep the mixture thick and not too watery or it won’t set (if using white chocolate keep the milk to a minimum or it will not set later)
  7. When it has melted to a thick, smooth mixture turn the heat right down and keep it moving while you melt the butter in the microwave
  8. Take the chocolate off the heat and quickly drain and combine the fruit with the biscuits and nuts (you can add a small amount of the soaking liquid to the mixture as well if you want it extra boozy) along with the melted butter
  9. When combined, pour 2/3 of the chocolate in to the mixture and mix well then spoon in to a lined baking tray and flatten it down
  10. Add the remaining chocolate on top of the flattened mixture and then place in the fridge to set over night

I also like to add whole nuts in to the top layer of chocolate in a grid so it can be cut in to small squares and you get a nice bite of tiffin and a whole nut.

Cross section!


Nice one @vredesbyrd,

I’m going to try and make a festive Tiffin - with a shortbread biscuit and fruit with added cranberries soaked in drambuie.

Needs a test run. Damn. Lol.


That sounds fit. Mentioned it to Kate and now she wants to know how yours turns out so I can make some at crimbo as well!

Looking at giving this a go, looks really close to the breads over in Finland like the one you were nomming @NaloaC :

Thinking of adding in some honey from my Dad’s allotment and more fruit though.

Doing the jam has also go me thinking about filling the garden with fruit trees since there is so much bloody space. Gonna have to look in to what my best options are!

Were the fruit trees already there? I’m guessing that is why you’re getting such good yields because they’ve matured. New trees can take years to fruit properly. My folks had some apple, plum and pear - they did nothing for 2 years - even then they were rubbish.

You plant Pears for your Heirs, as the saying goes…

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Yeah they’re both full sized trees, next door has two or three of their own as well that we share and swap with them.

Because of the crazy amount of space we were thinking of putting in 20-25 smaller trees across the allotment bit at the bottom and dispersed around a few other spots. Stuff like apples and more of what we’ve already got probably. We’ve actually also got a fig tree but it only produces a half dozen tiny figs each year.

Just need to pick up a decent strimmer (the one we used earlier in the summer was a loaner) and a hedge trimmer now to terminate the trash thats taken over.


INVEST, don’t just buy. Get a proper make, like Stihl or Husqvarna. They cost a pretty penny, but they are absolutely worth it. If you don’t want the racket, they do battery powered ones these days too.


Yeah this is what I’ve been looking at. There are some good sets that come with 2-3 different tools for a bit of a discount. Not bothered about the noise, used to that from years of strimming the fields up in the lakes and the neighbors are all noisey bastards with this sort of thing any way!

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No photos, but if you want a very simple way to make a plain burger very tasty, once you’ve shaped it throw a shot of Jack Daniels over it and leave it to soak in for half hour. Did this on Friday- delicous :+1: