Football Manager 2018


Took me to attempts last night to start the game with a team. Dont edit your profile and it goes straight to it.


Hope this is only a demo issue


Not an issue, just I didnt follow instructions correct


Helpful bits for Tactics

First off, it’s important to understand that Football Manager 2018 requires different tactics for home and away games. The match engine seems to be working differently for the two scenarios, so start building and tweaking them one at a time.

To start with, simply pick a default formation and adjust a few player roles and duties if you feel the need to (after reading their description and understanding what each of them does of course) – if not, just leave them as default.


I’m almost at Christmas with Spurs (top of the league) and STILL get the atmosphere in the changing room. Bear with it. You’ll soon learn which players respond to praise / criticism / hugs / kick in the ass. You can do individual at half time and post game. As with previous versions - Be slightly gentler when playing away. Also, I only recently realised, there is a scroll bar by the response window giving you more options.
Tactics - I looked on and downloaded 3. As the game goes on, there will be more info available - one of the things I’ve read is that your clubs reputation affects the result more than it used to - I’ve no idea, frankly.

DEFO hugely more in depth and I suspect staff (including hidden stats) will prove critical. I’ve yet to figure out what other stats Data analysts require above the data analyst stuff… I’ve gone for adaptability as a “default”.


I have taken a back seat on the demo as soon as I go to play it, I want to play as unemployed as I don’t feel justified taking someone else’s job which is beyond bizarre.

I am still going to buy the game but only when the price drops around 20-23 quid. The demo is daunting and I want to concentrate my efforts on other things.

I have holiday coming up next month so I may try and get back into it


Just popped into New Year 2019 with PSG - building a great team, managed to get Alexi Sanchez on a free (huge wages mind)! Won the league (no real surprise) - now closing on 50 games unbeaten domestically!

I got to CL final last season - got beaten by Ronaldo… :sob:

Now doing the normal thing, building hard for future, so searching out youngsters / re-gens.


what formation(s) you using pants?


3 2 2 3, 2 of them, one strikers are on the goal line, so ass manager (titter) always saying too big a gap between mid and attack, over-run in mid…
Also a 532 WB with an att mid to support front 2.

I try to use all 3 for familiarity and so that the AI doesn’t suss me out too easily as time goes on. I also adjust sligthly to suit the individuals best role, eg a striker might be better as inside forward, or complete forward etc. :slight_smile:

Obviously, with PSG, I’m blessed with good / great players… Hardest part of the whole thing is to keep everyone happy. As with real life, form also dips. Hell, I’ve not been scared to substitute / drop Neymar…

EDIT:- DO use the links above to browse /research the forum, and there is a bloke who has done a 3 part guide to tactics. It gets a bit “waffly” but does help. Or helped me a bit!


Slight problem - I reformatted PC last night and it seems that my saves are gone… Just reinstalling software / updates, then will restart and have another look… Absolutely gutted. If I can’t find the saves, I may well chin it off for a while. :weary::cold_sweat::cry::tired_face::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

EDIT:- FOUND THE FECKER!!! :heart_eyes::grin::hugs:


I keep mine in dropbox :wink:


Oddly enough, that’s where it was :smiley:


so how’s everyone getting on? I had a few thoughts/queries, and this turned into a wall of text, so I’ve stuck it into summaries…

Winning can be Easy?


Apparently there’s a match engine flaw that makes having 3 central strikers unrealistically effective; reminds me of exactly the same flaw back in champ man 3 where the central striker never got man marked. I don’t play with 3 up front so it’s not doing anything for me, anyone had any luck with it?

I’m worried I might be David Moyes


I was curious; does anyone have any ‘rules’ when they manage that they stick to? I realised I’ve a few, which probably determine what sort of manager I’d be seen to be by the media in reality.

Anyone care to try and pick a real manager they think I or themselves are similar to?

for example, I:

  • don’t ever speak to the press about other clubs, their players, or their managers.
  • don’t ever play 3 at the back.
  • don’t ever play 3 up front (I will use inside forwards playing off the wing though).
  • build my teams around determination, workrate, stamina (those are the three stats i check with regards to most signings), and their general mentality.
  • always have wide forward players, even if i have wingbacks. they might be wide midfielders, wingers, or inside forwards, but i never rely on wing backs to cover the flanks alone.
  • rarely play with an AMC (though I am right now); i prefer box to box midfielders pushing forward, inside forwards cutting in, or a second striker.
  • never use opposition instructions; i want my team to play our football and compete by doing so, not by tailoring how we play to cancel out the tactics of others.
  • I sign players to suit a tactic/how i want to play, rather than adapting tactics to fit the players.
  • always maintain a secondary tactic with a different structure to my main one, and keep players available to play it.
  • focus on positional coverage rather than ability when choosing substitutes. This inevitably pisses off my 4th choice central defenders and midfielders, because they won’t make the bench unless there are suspensions or injuries.

I’m worried some of those might make me sound like David Moyes…

Charismatic Argentinean destined to create world peace, end famine; all that good stuff.


Nicolas Tagliafico. A reasonable argentinian left back I’m sure some folks are aware of, who I’ve signed numerous times (he hasn’t left south america in real life, so he’s always been good value at the start of a game). Not amazing in the premier league, but certainly capable in the right team. He’s never stuck out before, always being a decent enough left back and sold at a profit when someone younger and better becomes available to replace him. I signed him in my current game as Newcastle started the season with no fit left backs, and we were actually linked with him irl last summer. He didn’t speak english and doesn’t have an amazing leadership stat. However, for some reason (he’s not captain or vice captain) he’s become a leading figure in the dressing room, and has talked EVERY unhappy player out of requesting a move or a new contract for the last 18 months. every unhappy player i get, he’s the one i get the option to ask to speak to the player, and every time the player drops their concerns. it’s great, they don’t even get unhappy about it, and he’s never failed. I hate to think how much worse we might’ve been if these sulky dicks had gotten more uppity. The moment i suggest that being 5 months into a 5 years contract means they have a lot of time left and maybe shouldn’t expect a new deal it’s toys out of the pram, straight to the press, and a meeting with the senior players who’ve taken issue with me. When Nic does it (we’ve bonded, so i call him Nic now), i think he takes them all bowling and they just forget about it. I’ve also passed up the chance to replace him and sent a potential replacement out on loan because now i feel i need to keep him happy. No idea what my captains are contributing, i think they’re just relieved i don’t ask them to do anything.

Has anyone had anything similar with any of their players with all the new squad dynamics stuff?

Anyone had anything interesting happen recently?


I am struggling to motivate myself to play it. I think I will wait for the last patch (transfer window update) and then give it a go.


I use OI to help wingbacks - AMR and AML (wingers or such) I state to “show onto (opposite) foot” (e.g. AMR, show to left foot so he has to cut inside to midfield where more players are) and also “always close down” so that you have wingbacks up the pitch for extra width / support when the ball is won back.

Yes to postional coverage - my only advice is to sort the contract to reflect playing time - e.g. “back-up”. I sign versatile players who can fit in many roles (defence especially) who would not get a game if not for injuries.

First few seasons I did play a top 3, different roles (depending on age and current ability, retraining where required to give flexibility), a slightly staggered 2 in midfield, one defensive-ish, one creative, but train both the do good on long shots (if possible, not to detract from other extra trg required) to help.

And this version IS a LOT about player interaction - be wary of praising if they haven’t scored above a 9 in the game.

AMC - not really used it much, except for variation if I’m winnign strongly. My main focus for signings (spoiled as I play as PSG) is for exceptional youth. And as above, if winning strongly, pop them on the pitch to enable them to reach potential as well as explaining to the subbed bloke that I wanted to give him a rest or needed to make tactical changes - again, player interaction stuffs. Hell, I’ve bollocked Neymar for not playing to expectations / potential.

i have more…


Just had a League 1 9-1 win… :hushed:

P4, W4, +21GD. :joy:

And all 3 spots in player of the month went to my team. lol


jeez, i think i topped out at 7-1 in a community shield match.

I keep my wing back and winger/inside forward opposite footed to try and counter what you’re doing to the AI :slight_smile:

I very rarely praise my players, and i only bollock them when they’re being dicks about playing time (he has 47 goals in 42 matches, you have 4 in 12, pack it in) and contracts (you got a 200% wage rise 5 months ago, no you can’t have another one).

i beat PSG twice in the group stage and again in the quarter or semi finals for the champions league last season :smiley: They’ve got a great squad in my game but seem to lack someone up front to finish consistently for them. I’m betting you’ve not played Newcastle at all though :wink:



I don’t have trouble scoring… Neymar, belotti, icardi, mbappe, dolberg…

As you, I rarely bollock them, unless they underperform. :slight_smile:


ouch! belotti, icardi, or probably dolberg could all carry my front line on their own! they’re all capable of being great goalscorers with the right supply.


I play belotti and icardi as a pair, neymar and mpabbe as advanced forwards / wingers :wink: