Football Manager 2018


Popped up on steam as an article. I will hunt them down and add them to shortlists which i shall then save. Again. ALWAYS great to have mega-shortlists for new starts :smiley:


@MicJules winter transfer window update has dropped :slight_smile:


I need to start playing this.

@adrock - how big was the download?


500MB or so? shouldn’t trouble you too much.


Just fired this up whilst the rugby is on. International break. “72 players on INternational duty”. :open_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Links in the page to get hold of file.


Pick this up for 17 quid on cdkeys. cant be bad at that price. Though 2.5gb download seems small.


There is a mobile one and / or demo…

Or it could have gone all cloud based shizzle. No idea, tbh!


It’s the full game of cdkeys. Installed ok. Just setting up leagues now.

Will start unemployed and see what jobs come up. Seems to be how I start now. Gives me more of a challenge that picking top teams.


Obviously, you’ll be using this link to purchase Football Manager 2018 for £16.99 :slight_smile:


I used another link for PUBG and then went to fm18. Hope that still works


Yep, that seems to have worked :slight_smile:


I have to start as unemployed; just does not feel right to pick an already managed team - I pick around 30 odd leagues and start the game at the start of the Chinese league (some time in March)

I have taken over Atalanta, saving them just from relegation in my first job. In my first true season, I am running along nicely in 8th (tipped for relegation) with 5 games to go and I have just applied for the Man City job (who are adrift in 6th).


Took over Roma, who where 9th. They are in a mess. No money to spend, can’t even afford an assistant manager! Hired another coach to bring me to 3 1st coaches, I normally try to work with 6. 2 of my best players want to leave, but thankfully no offers came in for them, though they are both worth about 30/40 mill each which would have helped. Not used to working with no budget, so different challenge for me. Have won my 1st 2 matches and all the players now seem happy, which is nice.

Will have to sell some players at the end of the season to get by. Still in Europe though, so hopefully that should help. Now just need to figure out the new features and figure out how the fuck i’m going to get by with no assistant!


Sadly I only have one star player (now worth 45M) but is 31 :frowning: and had wanted to leave but Man City bid failed to happen in January. I am looking forward to picking this back up at the weekend (intertwined with The Division).

It has taken me several months to pick up FM2018 (had it installed for ages) but I am now getting into the swings of things. The happiness pyramid is something I am trying to get my head round. I find that you need 1 or 2 leaders (top of pyramid) but any more than that then things rapidly fall apart.

In my relegation saving season, I had 3 leaders and one fell out with me wanting more than he deserved; I said no to a new contract. The whole atmosphere was seriously in the red but I saved the club from going down and then sold the trouble maker and the dressing room were unhappy but slowly crawled back into the green.


i’ve never seen it with less than three leaders at the top, but they’ve always been happy, and one of them magically resolves everyone elses unhappiness when i ask him to talk to them.

what tactic are you using in Serie A? I’m considering switching things up because despite non-stop success, i’m still not a fan of having a lone striker up front, and my current fallback 442 isn’t as effective.


4 2 3 1 atm. Players suit the roles. Tempted to go 3 2 2 3 with wing backs but don’t have the players for it atm.


I play two tactics, one is a superb tactic I had in FM2017 but you need the right players which I don’t have for that at Atalanta.

My standard tactic is 4-1-2-2-1

2 x CWB
2 x BPD
1 x Regista
2 x CMs
1 x IFWD
1 x Winger
1 x DFWD

My dream tactic is 3-1-4-1-2


I pick a formation, put players in the positions but make the role to suit them. Was playing with 2 box to box midfielders before, that worked really well, even though I normal like a holding/ball winning midfielder. One thing never changes though, attacking possession football.


aye, there’s a bug with playing 3 centrally up front (it’s considered an exploit apparently), but i don’t currently have the players to try it.

wing backs seem to be the hardest thing to find consistently, something about the best ones being wingers who’ve matured and fully developed so you don’t find good young ones, and they’re only at that peak for a few years before their knees go. they need the defensive, creative, and attacking abilities, solid pace and stamina, and height and strength are a big plus. In FM in particular that means not having many weak stats, which requires a lot of CA. Depending on position and footedness, stats cost per point, and for a good wing back there are more stats that need to be above average. I think it’d be impossible to have a complete wing back who could use either foot, you’d need a CA above 200.

That isn’t stopping me from trying to create one; I’ve got a left footed center half with PA 197, and a couple of very physical wingers from holland and denmark, but i need to convince someone to loan them out and give them football out of position so they’ll develop the way i need.

Mic, is 3-1-4-1-2 your dream tactic because that’s 11 outfield players, and FM forces you to play a keeper?

I’m on a 4-1-1-3-1: 2xBPD, 2xCWB, 1xBWM, 1xDLP, 1xAP or SS, 2xIF or 1xIF and 1xW, and either a AF or CF up front. Keeper is a sweeper keeper set to support. The DMC and MC are asymmetric (DMC on the left) with the AMC central. We play some mix of attacking possessive play and counter-attacking from deep, but smaller clubs are getting wise to it and sitting deep en-mass. It’s also REALLY intensive, so i have a lot of rotation to cover, particularly the WBs and MC.

Premier league rep is fucked up, but matches real life i guess. it’s so you can sign a farm of younger players to loan out then sell on to generate profits to offset what you need to spend to get the players you need to actually compete. I made 60m clearing out Newcastle’s real-life average-at-best youth players to championship and recently promoted sides after loaning them out for years. That’s almost enough to get a new 2nd choice left back! In reality, they will leave on free transfers in their mid twenties having played a handful of cup games, because that’s how our youth setup works in reality. The best it ever produced was the English Duncan Ferguson (left footed, really tall, good in the air, attitude, aggression, horrendously injury prone, trouble with the law), Andy Carroll.