Football Manager 2018


My bad - depending upon the opponent the AM moves back into centre midfield hence the 4 but for more open teams the formation is 3-1-3-1-2


so 3 BPD, regista or half back, wingbacks and a central mid, AMC and two strikers, then the AMC drops back like you describe, or are you wanting to push the wingbacks further up and have them as wide midfielders/wingers?

i really want to have a great striking partnership, but i’ve struggled to get a 442 working. I have one, but it’s overly offensive and weaker at the back, while being higher intensity, so i can only really play it for 45 minutes if i don’t want me players hitting 60% fitness by the end of the match.

3 at the back does appear to be effective this year, i see a lot of tactics using it, but i’ve never had the success with it myself, and i’m not sure how i’d rotate 3 positions out of 5 players (2 out of 4 is easy). A 6th isn’t going to get the game time to keep him happy.


No wing backs.

Sweeper Keeper

BPD - Cover


Winger (Left) Attack
Defensive Winger (Right) Support

Advanced Playmaker (Attack)

Advanced Forward (Left)
False Nine or Defensive Forward (Right)

Wingers are interchangeable depending who your wingers are.

Method: Standard/Fluid

Depending on the opposition, AP would be changed to CM (Attack).


Has anyone worked out how to download that 22 Leagues, Max Rep no players file? And if so, please tell me how.

Also, any got any tips /shareable shortlists for upcoming stars?


Google the upcoming stars mic. There is hundreds of pages on it


I know that Hammy but I was hoping that someone like @Leepants would have a shortlist that I could import into the game; saves a lot of time


I have a few shortlists at the mo! How TF to share them, I’ve NO clue.



1st time in a very long time that my fm addiction has resurfaced. Enjoying this again. Roma are a bloody challenge if anyone fancies one. No money worth talking about in the modern game and a bloody MASSIVE wage bill! I’m currently 300k over budget at the minute, and badly need to reinforce the team at the end of the season.

Currently 6th in the league, in a Europa league spot, which if I dont get will cripple me money wise. Going to have to sell some big players to get money and cut the wage bill but dont have anyone to replace them.

Also, Radja Nainggolan is a beast of a player! Play him as shadow striker, He’s scored about 10 goals for me in the last 15 games.


I think you can publish them on Steam. I am not at home so cannot check but I am pretty sure how others have done this


I think I tired it. Couldn’t figure it :’(

EDIT:_ I have NO idea how google docs work, or of a resource to “dump” files to share, as it is saved as a file, so I suspect (hope!??) that I could share a file and you guys simply import it in game, as with any shared tactic / shortlist etc.


Only added tip that I could offer right now - play it. Get through the seasons, build rep for you and club (ask board for youth facilities) and get scouts. Regens are ridiculous. DO pay attention to in-country and obvs foreign Academies. There are reports that pop out about which clubs produce the most stars, perhaps think of subscribing to those clubs “newsfeeds” and scout them often. PSG isn’t great in France - Marseille and Lyon are better, tolouse ok too. Get a feel.

EDIT:- scout International competitions - U19, U21 etc in every region. I think it comes as a “short term assignement” so there is effort on yuour part to find out when competitions are on to time it right. I not great at all on scouting mechanic… Any halp would be nice :slight_smile:


This is in the Steam sale at 18.99 if anyone needs to buy it


To quote Jes

Obviously, you’ll be using this link to purchase Football Manager 2018 for £17.99 :slight_smile:


Managed to finish 5th, and get back in to Europe, thought not champions league. Need to clear out a lot of players to make money


Transfers in this game annoy me!! someone offers me 3 mill over asking price and its fine, I offer 4 mill over asking price on some one valued at 6 mill, and they come back asking for 100! transfers need to be a bit more realistic.


they are pretty realistic, it’s all based on the players happiness and their contract state, particularly for younger players with potential, as value is based on rep and current ability, but it’d be unrealistic if the clubs never considered the relative potential of the players. They may also just be telling you he isn’t for sale, but in a way that doesn’t piss the player off (because they didn’t say no, you failed to match their valuation of the player). You can try the same to manage your players too if they’re hankering for a move.

you don’t have to take what they offer, and you can haggle people up quite aggressively sometimes, but it all depends on the circumstances of each transfer. You can do quite well only ever signing transfer listed players, who’ll be cheaper and much easier to negotiate for.

Or hire a suitable DoF and let him manage the transfer side of it, and you focus on the team.

who were you trying to sign that they wanted 100m for?


Presnel Kimpembe from PSG. He was on loan with me for the season, only worth 8 mill, they wanted 100.


Yeah - they seem him as a good investment - 20-25million they may get interested.

But for Atalanta, I did not get the Man City job, lost out to Carlo Ancelotti.

Won my next two games so I am still on course for a Top 8 finish… skirting the Euro places.


Also, Ross Barkley asking for 130k a month! Go fuck yourself Ross!


Arsenal rumoured to be interested in me. Could be tempted.