Football Manager 2018


yup, kimpembe cost me around 38m, i think that was the end of the second season.

as a rough guide, if you make a bid for a round number and they ask for a lot more, they will settle for EXACTLY halfway between the two amounts. that’s if you offer straight cash up front for immediate transfer, it gets complicated once there are clauses involved and the like, either in the players contract or added to the transfer.


How many tactics do you use?


Well, finished 7th with Atalanta with our best result going away to Juventus (who were on a 13 game unbeaten run) and we thumped them 6-0

Sadly, 3 days later, we were away to 2nd placed Inter who mullered us 6-2.

We missed out on Europe as well :frowning:


i try to alternate between a main one and one that’s well trained but i’ll vary throughout the season as needed, and a main one that i feel i can rely on that’s been my mainstay for four seasons. as my reps gone up im finding better sides increasingly drop deeper and it makes some games tougher, so i’m trying to mix it up a bit more.

7th is solid, you can get job offers with 7th in serie a. hell, i started with palermo mid season once, taking them from relegation fight to a modest 11th, and got the newcastle job a week later. promised their star player (franco vasquez? vasco franquez?) he could leave at the end of the season to calm his ass down and he had a good run, i was only there for maybe a dozen games after starting unemployed.


Well, I have an OK Pre-season and won my first 2 games of the new Serie A season, leaving me top.

I have a new tactic I am trialing as last season I had a record low of draws (only 3) 20 Wins, and 15 losses. So I am trying to move some of those losses to draws or even wins.

I have brought in Ben Woodburn (loan) and a superb winger on a free (Grandsir); Tonelli (experienced defender) and the DM from PSG but I can’t pronounce his name.

Sadly, the bitter edge is my star player initiated a move away - he was 31 and went for 35M to Torino :frowning: And then my star striker Selke (20 goals last season) moved back to Germany for 13.5M and it is now Transfer deadline day :frowning: Kempf my German defender also wants to leave

And just when it was going so well…


Sounds like a job for Dario Benedetto.



Also, I turned down the Sevilla job


he’s 31 for me now, must be 26 or 27 when the game starts. he was the most expensive striker i could sign at 6 million but as a non-international playing in his home country he didn’t want a crazy wage. If he’s still in south america he might be worth a look for you.


Mic, have a look at the loan list, buddy. Pinamonti (pinamonte) may be a shout.

EDIT:- PSG, Saturday Jan 11 2020. P19, W18, D1, L0. GD +67… :open_mouth::joy:


Pants - Italy has a non-eu restriction and I am a small club; GB has left the EU so they are all non-eu.


But, have you won the Champions League yet?


Only the semis so far :’(


Have you set your scouts for short term assignment for a striker? And scout the U19 / U21 tournaments.

Also, look at Pietro Pelligri,goncalo guedes, kasper dolberg


@adrock - sadly he’s at Arsenal :frowning:


also, patrik schick, alexander isak, frederico chiesa, milik, fekir, malcom, adrien bongiovanni


milik is my current backup for benedetto :slight_smile: also had batshuayi for a year before he sulked off to spain. I said to him, i said ‘When you can score 40 league goals in a season and not demand a new contract, you can be first choice’; he went to atletico, and is currently benchwarming for bayern, but if he goes somewhere he’ll play he does well.

depends what role you want from the striker i suppose, malcom and chiesa seem to retrain well; i’ve not managed them but in mine they’ve both played AML, AMR, and SC comfortably.


Well completed my third year with Atalanta.
We managed to finish in 6th and gain a UEFA Cup spot. However, I have grown tired of the place now and want to try something new.

I tried for the Juventus job after Conte was sacked for finishing 3rd but failed to make it to interview due to other candidates being more impressive.

There did not seem to be much happening with regard to vacant jobs but then the merry go round kicked into gear. Sampoali left Arsenal to join Juventtus, Enriique left Chelsea to join Bayern, Whoever was at Bayern departed for Barcelona and me, mr unknown took the Arsenal job :smiley:

Managed to sell Wilshere to Man City for 48M (1 year on contract), Lacezette went to Monaco for 43M, Ozil (who is 32 and on 350k a week) is being hunted by Juventus (so fingers crossed), Granta X went to Man City too for 33M, Ramsey wants a new challenge :frowning: but no one is interested.

Despite being 34, I have given Kolseny (sp?) a new 2 year deal. I have managed to bring in Ruben Neves from newly promoted Wolves for 32M, Mandragora from Juventus for 27M. Bendietto sadly wanted to go out on loan rather than stay :frowning: so went to Villareal.

Since Brexit, the Premiership can only register 13 Foreign players so I am also bringing some English players, Galloway from Everton, Burke from West Ham, tried and failed to bring back Chambers.

Still on the hunt for a striker. Looking at Paco Alcacer.

I have just started Pre-Season.

In my Atalanta reign, I finished 16th, 7th and 6th.


I’ve sort of stopped playing this after getting shadow of war on the PS4. Started the season still at Roma, sold a load of players that where on loan last season, and got the wages under control. Lost 2 of my best players due to shitty buy out causes, though it did make me near 80 mill and take close to 270k of the wages from losing 2 players.

Money was tight, have picked up a few extra players, but no big money signings. Hoping for the players ive kept to help out.


Keep your eye out for Keres Masangu. Young midfielder at Roma, I have him out on loan, looks like he could be something special.


Nice work with Atalanta!

Alcacer is a good shout if you’ve got the space for the extra foreigner. Are you still playing with an advanced and then a deep lying or defensive forward pair?

If you want a british striker it makes your choice easy: Harry Kane or regens. There don’t appear to be many others who turn out to be reliable goalscorers after the first couple of seasons, as i’ve been after one as backup for benedetto and am yet to find one. Rashford does okay but seems to end up playing wide more often than not.

I’ve got similar foreign player limits, but everyone already in the country gets a pass, at least for the duration of their current contracts. It’s also got the stupid point system for work permits that’s intended to favour the top clubs over everyone else (you can offer a bigger fee or contract to get more points and therefore get a work permit smaller clubs can’t afford to pursue), with everyone else being forced to develop domestic talent that the top clubs can pick over at their leisure.