Football Manager 2018


Currently using a different formation.

Flat back 4
2 DMs
And 1 AF off Centre

Been quoted 27M for Alcacer… pondering


do it.

is he listed/miffed about something? I’ve seen him go for plenty more and he’d cost me significantly more than that in season 5.


Alcacer is a keeper! And CRACKING sign for Neves!!! Another midfieldy type is Bentacur. I have a couple more if required - can’t remember tight now, but 5* potential, early 20s in 2020. Almost got too many midfilders - hard to develop them and keep them happy!!

I agree with adrock on regens for UK strikers. Keep an eye on Crewe - good academy, and places like Wimbeldon etc - and DO shortlist ALL Arsenal / Chelsea / Spurs / Man U/ Man city Liverpool youth - some will be let go. If they aren’t, then DEFO take a good look. As with reality - not all make it.

I also recommend scouting Youth as a long term (no harm in bolstering with short term either), especially U19 / U21 Internationals. Re-go every season (regens) and sort by age. Just shortlist them to start with. Set scouts (so spend HEAVY on great scouts) to look, often. Gain knowledge. Capture a youngster, and they don’t “count” in the Nationality thing, country / competition clauses dependant.


Lost out on Alcacer to Villareal :frowning: and I lost out on Druissi - took my eye off the ball - had an offer accepted, contract offered but other clubs came in and trumped me :frowning: So just got Augbanmeng (sp?) and Callum Wilson and the injury prone Welback. I did manage to bring in Christian Capone (21) from Atalanta though but he will spend first season out on loan.

I have managed to win my first 2 games so my “respect” with the players has improved from poor.

I sold Ramsey (who wanted to leave) to Leeds for 38M and Ozil, last year of contract, 31 and on 350K a week, to Barcelona for 39M but have to contribute 105K in wages.

I need to get in an AMR Winger but sadly Leon Bailey does not want to move despite an 87M bid accepted. I am going back to Atalanta for Grandsir (young frenchman) who has an accurate cross.

January, if Wilson does not improve, I will be shopping for an AMR, DR and ST.

Anyone wanna buy Monreal?


I’ve had callum wilson before, he’s a solid advanced forward who seems to struggle when asked to do much else, aubemeyang should serve you well though i’ve not managed him myself.

i play sterling as an AMR sometimes despite usually playing an inside forward, i got him cheap from man city because he wasn’t getting a game (also watched them pay 38m for bernardeschi, then leave him out of their squad two seasons in a row before selling him for less than half that.

How are leeds spending 38m? I’ve never seen them make it back to the premier league. Similarly I’ve only seen Villa come back for one season, and that was in fm17 :confused: All the Bs seem to come up (Birmingham, Brentford, Burnley, Brighton, Bournemouth, Barnsley, even a Bristol of some kind at one point).


When I am next on (prob Friday, more likely Saturday) I will post up the year and current teams in Premiership


City have been buying players for silly money in my game and then selling after a season because they buy someone else for silly money.

Leeds got promoted in my game but still no where near spending that sort of money!


they always do; i watched Gabriel Jesus leave on a free after seeing out his five year contract struggling to get a game, and after a year or two doing well for whoever he went to, City signed him back for another 67m. It was very pogba-esque.

I think FM accurately represents how they successfully gamed FFP in real life (the whole Ancelotti contract thing), because I’ve never seen them struggle with it, and they’ve failed to qualify for multiple champions leagues.


ST - look at Dolberg :wink:

AMR is a tricky one… I’ll have a looksee on my save / shortlist and fire dome recommendations at you… Maybe Bentacur can play AMR? He is young enough and is MRC, so not too much of a leap - depends on his crossing, vision, creativity and pace, I suspect.

DR - I managed to get Passlack, but again I’ll check my shortlist etc. I tend to buy young…

Mind, JUST had transfer monies set (feb 2020, IIRC) - £316M. WTF!? And I don’t need anyone, really… Or should I say, I’m not short anywhere, so balance of team (happiness etc.) could go to crap if I start selling folk.


I’m in a similar state; got plenty of cash but no one i want to replace; my 2nd choice players for most positions are happy with the amount of football they’re getting and i don’t want to rock the boat.

Mitchell Weiser is my current rightback; yedlin’s my backup as his pace makes him pretty useful. Couldn’t get passlack :confused:


Sergei Palencia, Joe Gomez so far as DR. SC / winger - PSG, goncalo guedes
Maximiliano romero, pietro pellegri, kuki. Alexander Isak, Hirving lozano. altay babacan, Marko placa, dennis bonaventure, ousmane dembele, kai havertz, andrija zivkovic, adrien bongiovianni, Malcolm.
Kimmich, hugo mallo, mammana, jesus vallejo, alvaro adriozola, djibril sidibe, fabinho


2020 season, France, Sloan privat scoring goals, as is crivelli, bertrand traore and fekir.

Oscar, Real Madrid B / yoof team. He on my game, seems he’s RM B player since 2017.


Who do you both manage at the moment?

I am in 2021 I think so these players are settled/huge money. I found a bargain AMR in Grandsir if you want to take a look. Gomez (DR) wont leave Liverpool to come to Arsenal. Mammana is at Chelsea, the others I will need to look at my save.

Later/tomorrow as I am in Didcot today, I will post up my first team so you can evaluate where I am lacking.


I’m still at Newcastle, torn between starting a game elsewhere and pushing on to see how well my current youth players turn out.


Why not remain in the same game but move to a different club - you can still monitor your youth teams.


Because the AI won’t do it right! Every time I leave a club I’ve been with a while, my replacement immediately sets about demolishing my squad and doing everything they can to get the club back to competing at the level they started at, including relegation.

southgate’s going to quit after next years world cup (2022), so maybe i’ll have his job in addition.


PSG, and 2020.

Mic, I find the key is getting regens. Some are absolutely unbelievable and can / should play a part in first team. If you pay £20M for a 17 year old, there’s a reason. And it’s only good. He will be triple M in early / mid 20s.

Mind, I am lucky in that I have a HUGE budget, so signing almost anyone isn’t difficult. I asked board to upgrade Youth facilites to get youth in, also changed philosophies to be youth orientated (PSG philosophy was for marquee signings) so it’s win evberywhere. Use other ace players to mentor the young ones. GOT to get them playing though, so it’s the age old balance - winning / developing. Loans work - just make sure that the young ones go to a good level, play all the time and the loan club has good facilities.

And THIS is why I love this game - the nuances, subtleties, chain reactions / effects and how we have influence on that. Yeps, gotta get agrip of the AI / engine / logic in the background to be able to “exploit” this, though. It’s not quick, nor easy.


Yup, that. It’s possible to do VERY well with not the world’s best players if you can find the right balance of tactics/rotation/morale/fitness.


I am in August 2020.

Premiership is as follows:

Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Brighton, Southampton, Man City, Leicester, Liverpool, Wolves, Burnley, Watford, Aston Villa, Leeds, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Swansea, Everton, West Brom, Spurs, Stoke.

Leeds are in their 2nd season in the Premiership
Newcastle were relegated, came 4th and then 2nd in Championship

My first Team:

De Ligt
Silva/Neves (out for 4 months)

Wilson Callum
Capone Christian
Jolley Alex


Good to see you keep the arsenal tradition of playing no english players in the 1st eleven


Galoway and Nelson are English