Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


Game director Miles Jacobson had tweeted about “an interesting week so far. A real rollercoaster!” and said that he had “big decisions ahead” before confirming that the popular game has been given a design overhaul.

The rebranded version of the game will be available on 2 November, developer Sports Interactive announced.

At last the Bundersliga (German) league is fully licensed!


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Current pricing
CDKEYS : £29.99
RRP: £37.99
Steam Promotional Price: £34.19


not seen any update or announcement yet, but steam is letting me install so i’m assuming the pr-release is either out of being prepared. it’s certainly due. 4GB download.


The Beta version of the next instalment of the popular management simulation game is now available, with the game due for full release on November 2

Could be this mate?


I’m assuming so; Apart from it being available to install Steam doesn’t seem to be aware, the last ‘news’ is an interview with miles jacobsen from wednesday.

I am now Neil Pepper, 24 year old manager of newcastle, who was capped 12 times for england. Those are the defaults it suggested to me. nice work.


OOOOOOHHHHH! I may download this if its available.

I have not been sold on the changes so the try before you buy is appealing but the price needs to drop a bit.


O bugger.

moar typing stuffs


Is the beta only available for pre-orders?


maybe? certainly it’s just the item from my library from ordering it; maybe they only put out the demo on the final release.

had one crash where the match didn’t load, but otherwise going well. matches look a bit better, game feels smoother the rest of the time but my last fm18 game had a huge database and crawled as a result. not a fan of all the purple, but there’ll be plenty of skins soon enough.

mike ashley’s gone, got the same new chairman i got in my newcastle game in fm18. currently 6th after a couple of close defeats.


It is mic. Says so in the steam page


In case one of you are struck by this bug


Any review @adrock, @Hammy ??


Not got it.


enjoying it as usual. match engine’s a bit better, the tactics rework is quite nice, training looks better but i’m still not scheduling it all myself. The fact that approaching your players about an issue is often sufficient to convince them not to worry about whatever the problem is in the first instance is a nice touch. 442’s are apparently quite effective for a change though i’m not using one myself.


there is a demo mic


Any linky, or simply on steam?


On Steam chum


Trying the demo now


Remember that Football Manager 2019 is only £29.99 at CDKEYS.


Sadly Xmas presents this month have put paid to me buying anything computer related :frowning: