Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


I create a character - Luca Tolle (Italian) speaking English, German and Spanish as a Global superstar :slight_smile:


Can I get them and how do you import them?


I’ve got to figure a way to get them online! Once you have them, go to scouting/shortlist. Top right, drop down - import shortlist. Navigate to where you have saved them then import them :slight_smile:

Any ideas where to put them so you can have access?


Well… I restarted my game as I had too many leagues and the game was taking too long to process and I was not particularly enjoying managing Spurs.

So I restarted, included China and made the season start in March as I feel it gives the current managers time in their jobs.

Anyway, I always start as unemployed.

2 weeks after starting the game, I get the Watford job. They are 17th with 7 games to play and they are tied with 18th place Fulham (goal difference).

Sadly, I could not buy a win, drawing my first 4 games, 1-1, 1-1, 3-3 and 4-4 and finally losing 1-0 at Home to Man City. Thankfully I followed that up with an away win at Cardiff (20th) 0-3.

Last game of the season, we are 18th 32 Points, Leicester 17th 33 Points, Fulham 16th 33 Points, Newcastle 15th 35 Points.

Fulham and Newcastle are at home, Leicester are away to The Double winners, Liverpool.

HT its 0-0, Leicester are 1-1, Fulham are losing 1-2 to Man Utd (2nd).

FT We beat Crystal Palace 1-0 and end 15th!

Leicester relegated and Puel sacked! They lost 4-1 to Liverpool!



Went back to this at the weekend after you talking about it mic. Closing out my second season at Everton. Pushing for europa league spot. Very tight with 3 teams around me all on the same points. Next match is a 6 pointer against West ham. Struggling of goals again. Can’t seem to get a good striker. Thankfully midfield are getting me goals. So new striker is top of my list if I stay. Fancy taking on the German league. England getting boring as city utd Liverpool and spurs just throwing money at players and then not playing them is getting annoying.


I love playing in teh German leagues… last team I managed there was Leipzig but I turned down Schalke this time round for Watford.

Anyways, started the new season with 3 wins out of 3, so well happy.

I have Andre Gray and Penradri (sp?) both at Watford already. Biggest and best acquisition in the summer was Lewis Dunk (Brighton) for 11m and 8M for Bittencourt. I also brought in other players but spent 4m on Jamal Blackman (Chelsea) as Gomes retired, Foster is 36 and the rest are youth players.

I am hoping this season will be a springboard to a better job.



Can’t see it lasting through the season as i need to onboard a new left footed CB in january (ezequiel busquets or nathan ake). Might need to buy mbabu back; man u spent 30m+ on him 15 months ago but he’s not getting many games, and he counts as club homegrown for newcastle.


actually, reading your posts i realised i haven’t been offered so much as a job interview by anyone else in this game :confused: I have signed two extensions though so i’ve probably never been seen as likely to move. maybe i should run my current one down.


Do you not apply for any that come up? Do you get linked with Jobs?


i’ve been in the list of names the bookies are considering when someone gets sacked, but not been invited to interview. I very rarely apply for jobs; just take what comes your way.

I do wonder how much it tries to judge your personality:

I once got to take Switzerland to a world cup title because their manager retired at the end of the swiss season despite them having qualified. I’d been offered plenty of other jobs but i don’t like managing a club and country at the same time and didn’t want to quit my club job, then that gave me the opportunity. Everyone remembers that time Alex Frei scored late to win the world cup for switzerland against england, right?


I have been asked to be interviewed once before on a previous game, but nothing yet. As you can tell, I dont like doing media interviews or press conferences . They bore me, however I have been asked in said interview about my media handling and had to promise to improve it to get the job.


I think the media part maybe hampering your chances of new/other jobs. If you don’t get your name out there, the other clubs want no about you


that isn’t it on my part

they know who i fucking am.


Anything left for you to do there? Lol


yeah; the record for retained champions league titles is real madrid with 4 in the opening 5 tournaments. I worded that terribly. They won 5 in a row, so i need to win 6 in a row.

It used to be to win 3 in a row or win 5, which used to see a club rewarded with keeping the cup and a new one being commissioned, but that stopped a while ago :frowning:

It gets harder. That first season in the CL the bigger teams attack you freely because they’re confident (because you have lower rep) and you can overrun their defences. As your rep increases, more and more teams will take a more defensive approach against you, so you have to improve your team/tactics in the meantime. I have a lot of money available to spend, but i still can’t compete with the ‘rich’ teams; they have sponsorship deals dumping hundreds of millions into their budgets annually to prop them up. That’s how juve can afford to keep ronaldo for 4 seasons at 52m a year salary before bonuses for competitions, appearances, goals etc. I can’t ever get that, but i can pick and choose the younger/better players (mbappe, milinkovic-savic last summer) that get unhappy, and build a team that can compete with them, while i wait for a carefully curated set of youngsters to mature.

Then, when i either achieve that, or get bored, i’ll start a new game, and try to do the same with someone else :slight_smile:


I meant that your reputation with the media is quite bad and they may view you as a risk to their club’s image


Finished the season, missed on on the Europa league by a point, so major squad over haul coming up. Putting loads up for say and new strike force coming in. Got Isak on a free or for dirt cheap cant remember of the top of my head and also got Michy Batshuayi for 16 Mill (plus 3 mill signing on fee). Think that should help out with the goals. Still might sell another of the strikers I have and maybe get in another left side defender.

Bringing in some players that where out on loan and seem good and letting older members of the squad go. Trying to see how to get rid of Walcot without him huffing


i got batshuayi :slight_smile: he’s a reliable finisher.


When you get to May before realising you sent the entire U23 out on loan and your U18s have been filling in, with friendlies arranged for both youth teams every week alongside any competition fixtures:

Hats off to David Pickwell, who only turned 16 in December of this season, but has played in 97 matches, and done alright…


Can I just say— I HATE F*CKING VAR!!!

Lost some many points because of it!