Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


Well that was the most bizarre I have seen so far. Chabolah by the 18 yard area, under no pressure decides to pass back to the keeper…

Nothing odd there until you see that to pass back he decides to lob the keeper, hits the cross bar and the opposition catch everyone napping and score… FFS!


ouch! at least it didn’t bounce back in off the keepers back before he could turn round, or as a result of him turning round. I’ve gotten rid of defenders for pulling that shit before.


Ad - you need a bigger stadium!


it only got upgraded to 60k last year :confused:


Fired this up again last night and quit as Everton manager as it was boring me. Interviewed for the psg job but didn’t get it. Ajax manager got it. So I went off his job. Got it. What is nice in this one is it gives you a screen to help you bright what staff you want from your old club to your new one. Unfortunately hardly anyone want to come with me apart from 2 coaches. Thankfully they are better than some of the coaches already there. So now I need to figure out who I have and where they can play. Also need to get more coaches in. Hopefully the board will let me. Like working with more than 2 of each type of coach


I have four games left of the season with Watford and I am 2 points and 3 places off of Champions League football to complete. If Only I could put down BF V


Ajax is a PROPER good team to manage - excellent youngsters come through. Tricky to keep them, mind, but still.


All the big names are already gone. Squad seems solid enough. Two attacking wingers are all I need really for want I want to play. Or might switch to wing backs and 2 up front.


A GREAT Ass Manager is required - one with high rating for Player potential as he’ll help with your youngters so you can start using them.

Also high rated Youth bloke to ensure the excellent academy do produce the regens :wink:


Not a bad way to finish the season, 5th, beating Liverpool 2-1 at Anfield, pushing them down to 6th and leaving Chelsea 7th.

And Won Manager of the Year :smiley:


Forgot how unsettling bids for your top players can be. Ajax keeper is class and I’ve turned down a bid from a Spanish team. Way under value. He’s worth at least 15 mill and they offered 4. He’s now kicking up a fuss. Didn’t want to let him go as other keeper was stalling over a new contract. However he has now signed and I will signed an 18 year old Egyptian keeper who is as good as them both. He can now leave if I get 10 million for him.

Worse thing about managing Ajax. Big clubs love taking your players and I’ve a few on really low buy out clauses. Working on getting them all up to at least15/20 million. Time for an attitude change for me. Selling of older players and bringing in good young players to build up and do the same.


What a difference 6 months is…

Left Watford at the start of Jan following 3 heavy defeats, now unemployed… waiting for the next opportunity.


And change of fortune again… no job til the summer. Sarri is sacked from Man city finishing 5th.

I get the job after Allegri turns em down for Bayern.

Brought in Arthur (Barcelona), Rodrygo (Real Madrid) and Barkley (Chelsea) so far. Need another striker only got Jesus. Need to trim some high earners but managed to tie down De Bruyne and Sterling.

Also need a LB and DC. Any recommendations for young players who would be 22-24 by now


De ligt for cb. Good luck!

Lb - can’t remember as I not played it for ages.
How soon you need to know as I can fire it up later and see who’s on my lists?


Kieran Tierney’s a solid left back but might be over your age range. What sort of LB i suppose?

What foot CB, and I’m assuming BPD, or …?


If they young and have good potential, can retrain :wink:


DE Ligt is at Chelsea and the b’stards brought in Teirney just before I signed for City.

On CB no preference on type but BPD if available. Left footer but happy for any.
On LB, I have Mendy but long term injury, need a good youngster to bring in - no preference really bit of a WB may be.


Been a long time since I fired this up… I am just not getting the hook this game used to provide.

Anyway, before I restart with the winter update, I have finally won the title with Man City, on a bad-tempered game ending 10v10, I beat Spurs 1-0 away and won the title with one game to spare.

I now have the Europa cup final to look forward too


Do the fixtures go a bit weird in 2022? I am having friendlies in November


Wolves have been excellent tonight.