Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov



I am now £30 lighter and am gonna be tired and not play tenkz so much now.


So. Dortmund. Not yet into the season proper. Not quite tied down tactics yet, and only one shortlist so far.

If any of you whilst noseying about on tinterweb have found the usual “greatest players” and “wonderkids” and “best staff” shortlists - happy to receive linkies :slight_smile:
Also, could do with some training gubbins if you’ve found any good regimes etc.



Would you reckon that the Ass Mans stats are critical to Trg regimes / schedules?

Coach allocation is sorted…



I get my assistant to run training and individual player training, youth managers do their team training and head of youth development does individual training for youth team players. You don’t specify a type of training in match preparation anymore (or i can’t find it, or it’s something my assman is doing); i used to do tactical familiarity through pre-season then alternate between defensive and attacking positioning in FM18.

I had a look through these:
but for the first time in a while i disabled the opening transfer window and didn’t sign anyone till January '19, so I’ve not signed any players off the list as far as I’m aware. Also Newcastle shop in different shops to Dortmund :slight_smile:
In season 2, lost league cup final, into the champions league and fa cup finals and won the league with 3 games to spare (though bizarrely the league has 39 match dates, and i have a match scheduled the week after it ends).

I’m having the weirdest issue with the gap between midfield and the forward line. my midfield drops deep, forwards stay up top in number so we can counter quickly, so there’s a gap between them. one forward drops deeper, one of the central midfielders is on box to box, and i’m running complete wing backs on either side, so there’s plenty of link up play going forwards on the ball, but when we do get pressed defensively and clear, the ball ALWAYS drops into that gap, and as we’re not on the ball no one is occupying it, and i can’t for the life of me get anyone to move into that area either when we’re without the ball or in transition.

I downloaded a similar tactic (same formation, different instructions) and it seems to have exactly the same issue. I’m not keen on dropping a forward for an AMC, because lets be honest, AMCs are forwards who can’t assist or score as consistently, or midfielders who want to be flashy and not do any defensive duties.

Also in the pre-release my fullbacks were correctly overlapping and crossing form the byline, but since the release they’ve got it in their heads that if they’ve pushed into the oppositions half, they need to do a right angle turn and run towards the middle of the pitch with the ball.


Crikey! Well, I’ve not noticed that, tbh, but I’m using a pre-made tactic from one of the forums… I initally used a couple of tactics (looks like based on FM18 meta) from FMscout, now using TFF stormcaller (tff has a couple of different ones going) and FM19volante442, as these are 442 centric which seems fm19 meta at the mo. And I got 4 strikers to rotate about, so want to use 2, although one sits edge of box…I will pay more attention as to what mid - fwd interaction is. I defo suggest trying out a tactic or 2 from the forums…

Early doors yet, as I say, but racking up big results in friendlies with a deal of the main stars away. Just wanna figure this training malarky so my n00bs can reach their potential as I always tend to try for young wonderkid types.

I got the FM scout stuffs, also on passion4FM, SI community forum,, fm-base, fm-inside, realsport 101…

But as yet, only one actual shortlist to download and haven’t found any trg schedules. Yet. I get too giddy playing the fekin game to be “wasting time” doing research! lol.

Mebbes we should start an FM19 resources" thread? Mind, probably not enough of us to justify, tbh…



the 442 volante i think is one knap made; he made the 343 tactic i based mine in FM18 from, and tried to re-create in 19. I’m using the same formation now but but different roles and style of play.

TFF makes the demolisher one with 3 forwards on the AMC line and no strikers, supposedly it’s an exploit in the match engine though i don’t know if it’s the real-time one or the background simulation one.

does sound like 442 is the meta. shame i’ve sold or retrained my wingers to fit this 343. It seems dirty to jump ship now just to try a different tactic.


Don’t forget, as time goes on, AI learns, so tactical changes are recommended.

First 2 friendlies against real poor opposition with volante, 15 goals scored…

Also, as Premier League you should be awash with monies so can buy young replacements…

If I was doing PL, I’d be tempted with Watford cos close to London, so rep / “want to live there” rating should be quite high. And the team is decent, expectations not too high, I’d suspect…


What size database are you running, Ad?

EDIT:- I concentrating scouting / search on youngsters who are versatile, like can play all across the back, or down both flanks or all across top end of the field so i got plenty of cover if required


Large, with every continents continentlal reputation players, and maybe some others (players at clubs in continental competition? national reputation?). just under 120,000 players i think it was (my last fM18 one had 262,000 and crawled).

I find adjustments need to be made; last season i was expected to be bottom half of the table, so teams played openly against me, having finished 4th and qualified for SERIOUS FOOTBALL BUSINESS COMPETITION, more teams are just trying to shut up shop and make it harder to play against them. It’s not really working for them.

I’m Newcastle, first season no transfer window and Mike Ashley, second season had a bit more and a bunch from selling off all the wingers. This season though i’ve been told my budget for the summer will be #149m, and my overheads will only grow from here, so if i am going to switch to a 442 now’s the time to do it. So ima take a break and play some battlefield :smiley:

Sheffield united came up and made themselves top half; Leicester went down season 1 without a fight (i picked up ndidi and maguire on the relative cheap). Got some good youth prospects in but they’ll need a while.


Well, in competative games I’m not doing so well, frankly! Players aren’t performing well.

Could be cos I changed captain as they didn’t want to play under / for marco reus… Fekin snowflakes… :wink:

I running the gert biggest database - full on 355k of joy to search and filter and and and…


i’ll do a much bigger game at some point, my usual first run at a new FM is just with a single team for a few seasons. My last FM18 game really did start to crawl, although facepack was also to blame for that.

i find (yet to test or prove in FM19) that just keeping a side together playing the same tactic week in week out leads to them improving long term, and it gets frustrating if you try to make changes but can’t turn things around. It’s not you, it’s those stupid bloody players who don’t do what you tell them, what you know they’re capable of, but what they’ve seemingly forgotten in any given moment of a match.


And HOW much do we pay those feckers!???

Mind, if I lose a game after a save, then I’ll load the game, change nothing and the result tends to be different… It’s odd.


arranged to sign Dolberg at the end of the season, decent signing, not an exorbitant fee, pretty pleased.

fucker broke his leg in april, out till october.

Erling Haland

Not sure where he came from but he’s not a regen. Left footed striker who is apparently world class, but was available for 13.5m in 2020. Looks like he starts at Molde and moved to Red Bull Salzburg in my game after the first season. According to my coaches he is the single best player in my squad (which includes origi, berardi, munir, benedetto, barkley, maguire, ndidi) despite being 19 and having this as his playing history:

Might be worth checking out what he’s up to in your game.


Where did Newcastle get those funds to buy those players???


Probably by vetoing the purchasing of a department store.


nah, it’s been common for a decade (of FM) for Ashley to sell Newcastle within the first two seasons, usually quicker if you manage them and can beat expectations. Probably because that’s how long the club has been ‘for sale’ in reality.

Dolberg only cost me 30m, 15m off last seasons budget and 15m off this seasons. I arrange the move last summer, but had enough forwards on the books for the season ahead. I’ve moved on Perez and Berardi to accommodate him and Haland and give me a better range of forward options for the roles i’m playing. Origi and Munir were both out of contract in summer 2019 so they were both free transfers; 12 months later they’re valued at a combined 107m.

Premier league reputation boost is intact; sign any player, from anywhere, give him 6 months in the premier league without getting relegated and he’ll be worth a stupid amount compared with what they cost, while being pretty much the same in ability.

right now the club’s balance is just over 248m, and my transfer budget is just over 246m :smiley:


The joys of the PL TV sponsorship…

I may have to start a new game in the PL… Mebbes Watford. Mebbes Wolves…


I’m tempted to pick up the full game and give Everton a go. Decent team to start with


I am gonna wait and pick this up around Xmas/New Year


bought it now, I know it will now go on sale black friday