Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


Missed Haland - going to RB Salzburg… I may have to do a thing… Start new shortlist with the players I’ve signed, save that, then restart… Bleh

EDIT - if any of you guys want my shortlist, let me know. Mainly young players and scouted by Dortmunds scouts.


Halands move is in from the start of the game. 1st player I looked at


O bum. Okies :slight_smile:
O and regarding shortlists - how would I make teh file available?

Midfielder - Ryan Gravenberch, Ajax U19. looks crazy good.


Ok Everton have a decent squad. Some good younger ones but no money to spend. Transfer budget of 4 million and I can’t bloody score. Need a new striker. Season just started and I didn’t buy a single player. Beat Leicester in the 1st match. Next up city. Not looking forward to that match.


Ajax want 20m for Gravenburch but he does look tidy. I’ve a week till the summer 2020 window closes but only have a squad space for someone if they’re trained in the UK. Quite happy with my squad depth:


Here’s hoping!


Kerian dowell in Everton under 23s might be worth a look.


Ad - aye, He gonna be expensive after a couple of seasons…

Talking of shortlists… As above, want mine? But it’s probably better for Hammy / Mic cos season 1, so the youngsters would be cheaper, whereas for you, they gonna be £££££££££££££££££££££££££ so you be looking at / for regens after season 1.


How do they work? You import them or something?


Yarps. There are Wonderkid ones available on a few of the FM websites.


What I fekin detest about this game… All good so far this season. in ONE game, of course against Bayern, 4 injuries, 2 red cards. O rly. Happens in every iteration so far. ONE game where it all gets excited and the RNG dry bums you. Bah.


yup. the same RNG that specifically means my fullbacks only ever get injured two at a time. if one has to come off, that means either the other one or their replacement is getting crippled before the game is out. And it happens EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. RANDOMLY.

started the season with 5 full backs, all match fit. after 5 games i have 1 fullback, and he needs a fitness test.

what am i meant to do, have 4 fucking players for each position? why isn’t the squad limit 44 players then you fucking cretins.

and referees; what the fuck have you lot been watching? Was there a meeting you all agreed ‘nah, it’ll be fun watching that specific teams fullbacks get crippled over and over all season, so lets have another year of that and never take a fucking look at the side of the pitch’. Oh but you’ve got VAR, so you can show me how goals that aren’t goals and were never assumed to be goals are in fact not goals, as expected. Thanks. Cunts.

Haven’t finished August and i’m screwed till Novemberish already. fuck you brighton and your ‘we’re not THAT sort of team at all!’ defence, and fucking Fulham and your ‘just knock out their entire midfield, then the second half’ll be easier’ approach. I’m 6 for 6 and stuffed man U in the european super cup sham trophy contest, and i’m putting my tallest center halves in at fullback; they’ll enjoy kicking the shit out of everyone for a couple of months without risking penalties. Fuck all you shitty teams with your bullshit ‘physical’ approach (that i have forced you to adopt by running a successful 3 up front counter-attacking tactic).

Oh, and when the RNG makes the opposition keeper unbeatable for a game, and you lose 1-0 to a team with 2 shots on goal compared with your 34, 20+ on target and 70% possession, because when they attacked late in the second half, your keeper had fallen asleep/gone home early.


I have come against a few unbeatable keepers too…


Denis Saurez is up for sale, Think i have just got him for 7.75 million which is a steal! Though he does have a 15 mill buy back clause in for 2 years. Now just need to gt rid of morgan schneiderlin as he is being a grumpy feck as I wont play him


Do you guys have any “feelings” about a / the meta? I seem to find that form is key, not just ability. And that seems to be intrinsically linked to mood…


yup, a happy squad of match fit players can get a real roll going. i feel like it’s been that way for a while; you can get pretty average players delivering more on the pitch than far superior players if they can get a good run going. Then someone sulks off and fucks everything up :frowning:


I’m finding it hard to get good match cohesion going. Moral seems good apart from schneiderlin. Was in a run of 6 matches with now wins. 3 draws 3 loses and then a 2 wins and a draw in the league against utd after going down to ten men after 2 mins has lifted the players. Just need some money to re-enforce in January though have spent all my money on Denis saurez


If anyone sees this game on a deal, can you post it here?
Thanking you!


FFS. You ‘fell awkwardly’ in training and broke your ribs(plural)? Was this practising some trampoline assisted set piece?

26 quid on cdkeys or 18 quid hacked on to your steam account in an almost definitely illegitimate way is the cheapest i could find it.


Do broken ribs only at 6 weeks to fix?

@MicJules - As Adrock said, £26 CDKeys Website