Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


i assume it all depends on how broken i suppose, and it was longer if i hadn’t sent him to the specialist (7-8 weeks with the club doctor, longer if left to natural healing and physio). Injury times are generated as a fixed minimum plus a variable amount in days along with a rating to cover severity/career threatening-ness.

As I’m playing 3 up front i have 6 strikers in my first team squad, so it’ll be fine as long as no one else stubs a toe or walks into a door.


Beat Liverpool last night in the Merseyside derby and got Klopp sacked. I think it’s safe to say I’m now an Everton legend.

However in making sure I signed Saurez, I have fucked up my wage budget and now badly need to get rid of players


That sounds like a problem for your chairman/director of football, don’t let them blame their lack of funds to invest in your team on you spending all of their money; that’s just business talk and it’s got no place in football.

At least you don’t have Ronaldo sucking 52+ million a year out of your balance; Juve are in serious debt in december 2020 for me. Apparently he’s slightly interested in playing for me, but would expect a salary of 1.2-1.4million a week.


Everton board are very tight too and will not increase the wage budget and I blew all my transfer funds on him. Has to adjust the wage bill to afford him and that’s where I fucked up and now 19k over budget and he’s coming in on 100k a week. Need 2 players to go and that fecker Morgan schneiderlin is attracting no interest and is on 100k a week. Need him gone


maybe try and loan him out with a wage contribution to get you through to the summer without your board getting grumpy? Check if you’ve any transfer clauses you can sell?

Gone are the days when Everton would just somehow always end up doing quite well in the long run :frowning:


Have all my load players up for sale. Well the older ones. Then will try and loan him out or sale him. Just need him gone


That 18.01 is Gamesdeal - anyone heard of them?


i hadn’t, but they look and sound dodgy as fuck. They don’t give you a key to enter yourself, they ‘use the cloud to add the game to your steam account’…


a “too good to be true” deal… think I will give it a miss.

Just brought a monitor so game purchase is on hold.


Found offers on ebay for 21 quid


ebay is as dodgy as anywhere!

– edit –

In fairness, if you are buying a boxed copy, you can’t go wrong (ish).


wtf is with Miguel Almiron? In the game he looks pretty average, in reality he’s being linked with a move to the EPL as he’s supposedly one of the higher profile MLS players. He seems to feature in every other FM tactic i’ve looked at online, and yet in game he looks, yeah, pretty average; quite creative and quick but relatively weak physically and nothing spectacular in his mental stats other than workrate and vision. In game he’s relatively cheap, in reality he’s being talked about as a 20-25 million quid player, mostly because MLS view him as an asset. I don’t get it. Have any of you signed/managed him?


Finished the season 11th, board arent happy and say I must get 8 points in my next 5 games. So need 8 points at the start of the next season to keep my job. Got 50 mill to spend but spent half of that just to keep André Gomes after his loan ran done. Now to get rid of all the players that where out on loan and get some money to spend


Nopes, don’t believe so. Any idea of his unseen stats?

I have a similar bloke - Wolf at Dortmund. Stats aren’t great, but he plays reet good.


I just put a bid in for him. £3m


Just checked him, at Monaco in my game, bought for 5 million, now worth 31


I had an accepted bid of 3.5m. he wanted a release clasue of £30m to a champions cup club. No ta. i suspect he gonna be brilliant but very difficult.


pants, you buying wolf for 3.5, or almiron?

took a look at wolf, looks decent but i’m not short a right wing back atm.

not worth taking with the clause? that’s 27m profit if someone does snap him up, and they’d only do it if he’d been doing well and contributing in the meantime?

Chelsea want to loan my right full-back in january. they say he’ll be a squad rotation player, and they’re not prepared to pay anything at all. The wing-backs agent says his preferred destination would be barcelona…

I don’t get it, he’s not for sale, he’s happy, he’s playing…why do Chelsea think i’d let him go on loan for free as a favour. And why does he want to go to barcelona (who aren’t interested in signing him to my knowledge)? I mean, i get it, my personal preference would be to play for Barcelona, but until they’re interested in signing an overweight middle aged benchwarmer i’ll probably keep that to myself.


so barcelona did make an offer for him; first they offered to take him on loan and pay 20% of his wages…

then they offered me half his transfer value…

then he complained that he wanted a move to barcelona, and i convinced him that our squad will improve to ‘his standard’.

so now the plan is to sell him at the end of the season to anyone but barcelona and replace him with Wolf from Dortmund. That’ll show him.


January is Everton month!

Easiest january schedule i’ve had in a long time.