Football Manager 2019 - Out 2nd Nov


Almiron. I hear you on teh profit, but if he works well in my team, then I’d be loathed to sell.

Good shout, mind. Ima try again innabit. Fuggim.


Check out Dennis Man. Ive just signed him plays IF on the right, scored 3 in 4, with 2 assists, a missed pen (f0or his hat trick too) and got young player of the month in his 1st 3 matches


Yarp, he on my list :wink:

In fact I hunting a ninja striker - chinned Dolberg cos injury prone. Looking at a bloke at Watford, but “no sell” and cos monies, hard to get a decent price. The swines. I got Brenner, Isak and Pedro, but they not yet quite ready, I don’t think. I need a scorer for now… Icardi has just gone to Man City for a crazy amount


Bigest transfers in my game


very similar to the ones in mine. Glad to see Correa doing well, he had a rough time when he first moved to spain. I tried to get Skriniar but he went to liverpool in my game.

The upper in-game limit appears to be 300m this time, determined by reputation, club reputation, and contract.

If you’re in need of a striker, Troy fucking Deeney has been a capable goalscorer in any team in FM since Watfords second season in the top flight when they’d replaced their entire first team but he was still hanging around. He often ends up with a few england caps and goals as he gets dragged in at any point Kane is injured in the first 2-3 seasons. If you’ve a team creating chances but no one to put them away he’ll do the job while not costing a great deal.

Remember that easy January I had? This is my run in for the season as it stands:

I’m unbeaten in the league so far but that away tie to sheffield is looking a bit tricky.


He was in the top 3 goal scorers in my game last season.


Well, I won the Euro cup, just getting trhough pre-season. Smashed Lazio 4-0, beat Man City 4-1 in Euro Super Cup, had a 0-13 win in a friendly…

But, had a clear out and a bit of a spending spree.


UK leaving the Eu and it looks like I will have a foreign player limit. This could be bad news for me


the limit is usually quite high; high enough that you can make do with the 8 ‘trained in britain/at your club’ players you need for squad registration as your only domestic players.

it also depends what they do with work permits. the point system based ones are horrible; you can’t get foreign youngsters without paying huge fees and salaries just so they appear to be ‘big’ players and get work permits, making it pay to win in the long run. And you can’t compete at the top end without them because british players aren’t good enough :confused:


Limit of 17 so should be ok. Some other crap about minute pay for different people. Will worry about it when signing players later or will just move to a club in Europe.

Everton have some serious money issues but you are still allowed to spend. Currently 30 mill in debt but still allow 162k a week more in the wages. Makes no sense but happy to work with that.


as long as you’re in the EPL they’ll happily let you spend the money they know they’ll get the following season in the hope you’ll do better and get even more money in the long term.

Not had the minute pay one; the one i get (except in my current game, where there were no changes and as far as football’s concerned we’re still in the EU) is where the transfer fee and salary (whether it’s in the top 50% of your squad, or top 75% or 90%) scores points, with a certain number (4 or 5 usually) being required. So if you want that fantastic young player but can’t get a work permit, you just spend more money on them to buy the points to get the work permit. Fucking stupid idea.


So the last FM game I played was 2017, would you guys recommend picking this one up or has not much changed since then?


Has changed a good bit. Training and tactics have been changed. Took me a bit to get the tactics but as always with training I get a good assistant manager in and let him do them.


I am waiting for the price to fall and then get it. There are major revamps with the game.

@Nalgaroth - why not download the 6 month demo and see if you like it?


I did not realise there was one, will grab it now! ta Mic


My brexit work permit rules. what you make of them?


Just lost Pickford for 5 months and my other keepers are shit!


Not had that one before, those aren’t bad; a 3k salary for a reserve and 8k for a first team player are pretty low minimums for the premier league. It might stop you snapping them up at younger ages i suppose. The loan rules are a bit of a change, but they won’t apply to loaning to foreign clubs.

I have way more than 5 youngsters on loan to british clubs, i’ve got at least 4 each at ipswich, barnsley, and morecambe just as my affiliates…i think maybe a couple of them are british but not many.


Signed Leandro Aguiar, 17 year old striker for 86k for the youth teams. 1st match for the under 18s and scores 5!


What is your Character (i.e. you as manager) called, and how do you set him up?