Football manager 2020

Pre-ordered. Forgot. Just fired up Steam.


Seems at least one of our number is already on it FOR 110 HOURS1!!!1!!.. So, same question as always - wahts the meta formation and have you any shortlist(s) / link to stuff, thangyewplz. :smiley:


that’s what i’m using at the moment. 1 season in, finished 4th with sports direct but had to sign strikers. flat 442 like it says, gets some good counter attacking in and a lot of long through balls and wingers switching the ball between flanks. Don’t imagine it will hold up next season if more teams start playing defensively against me.

Bit gutted, was 2nd for the last 7 or 8 games and we fucked it up with a draw in the last match. no one was catching liverpool though, they were some 9 points clear despite going on a losing streak at the end of the season. villa, sheffield united and brighton went down. won the league cup, which completed next seasons objective of ‘win some silverware’. also completed the season after’s objective of ‘qualify for the champions league’, and then new owners have come in and given me 5 years to win the league (but i only have 12 months on my contract and a budget of 50m).

Not got any shortlist yet; i got driussi in at the start for about 13m, and haaland for 30m (10 then, ten in summer, ten next summer) in January. made willems loan signing permanent and brought in viktor fischer at the second attempt. Trying to bring in lisandro martinez because i need a better left footed center half, he’s young, and still only cost 13m or so 1 year after moving to ajax.

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any marked changes since Fm2019?

yeah, you now have far more detailed expectations and targets to negotiate through. you can set codes of conduct for your squad to follow. Staff responsibilities are more granular so you can delegate the specific bits you want to specific people.

Match engine is the same, though presumably tweaked as early in the beta longshots were waaay OP and it’s been turned down.

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Ad, in the prem, who would you pick that’s not Newc?

Wolves have £15M transfer fund, which doesn’t work very well… I don’t want spurs nor liverpool, man u, man city, chelski… Happy kinda top half or maaaaaaaaaaaaybe edging for euro qual… But need a bit of budget.

Leicester always have a bit of a decent budget and a good squad

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some fantastic scheduling there. thanks.

So you have played this for a while, what do you think of the game?

What is good, great, worse, poor?? Any issues?

Same old but more in depth. You know what you’re getting

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got the exact same scheduling as above this season, but with two consecutive games against leicester. Anyone noticed anything similar?

Morecambe made it to League One without me managing them or sending them players on loan; that’s new (and somewhat unrealistic given our current predicament), but i’ve sent them players to try and stay up as they’re dead last. Blackburn and Forest are in the EPL but are having a shocking time, both have 5 points (1 win 2 draws) and it’s late January.

New foreign player rules i got in the current game are bullshit.

Got a 16 year old, already started for the first team and scored goals who now has to rot in my reserves for 18 months unable to play even youth or reserve games because he’s not on the required 3k/8k minimum wage, but because he’s already agreed a pro contract for when he turns 17 i can’t given him a new one on wages high enough for him to be allowed to play football. And the pro contract he’s got lined up? 2,700 a week, so he’ll immediately need a new one just to play in U18/U23 games. But in 18 months time with no football of any kind in the meantime (can’t loan out players on youth contracts and can’t even release him as he’s agreed to a pro contract) i don’t imagine there’ll be much of a player left.

I appreciate the greater depth on what’s expected of you and being able to negotiate over it. I haven’t had a game coming up from a lower league yet

That was nice, as I only had 10 mill to spend and not bought a player yet and near the end of December

Chips Keswick? wtf is Chips Keswick?

Arsenal chairman and not a new dish in my local cafe

So 2nd is bottom half of the table

Finally finished my second season in this save. Done alright.

Well, got Leicester into Europe in first season.

Tried a few formations - struggling a little to accomodate inside forwards / attacking mid l/r as I have a few…

Next step is to develop the young’uns to replace 3 stalwarts - vardy, evans and schmiecel. Scared of a ruined dressing room when they retire.

Also, new directive from the chairman - buy to sell… Got to buy players to develop a bit then sell. Tricky. Especially when they won’t develop the youth facilities (need doing).

I’ve started a new game with Rangers. Little to no money, so hitting the loan market and picking up youngsters cheap to develop and sell on. Unbeaten in the league and won a cup. Just in the Jan transfer window and could do with a few players but no money to spend and very little left in the wages.

Signed Andy Carroll on loan. Though he’d do well up in Scotland and I was right. 1st match, on after 53 mins. Goal and man if the match. But in typical Andy Carroll fashion, he pull his hamstring in training and is out for the reason of the season. Can’t even send him back to Newcastle

Games that have lasted 1 season or more that I remember.

In beta did few seasons in China
Did a Gateshead save got upto championship before lost interest.
Did a Matersburg save in austria for few seasons.
Did 1 n bit seasons with Leicester, second season didnt workout for me
Did 1 and bit seasons with Newcastle. then moved to Gabon.
Did 2 seasons at Qatar SC and Qatari national team in my first club and country style save.

Currently in second season with Venezia, after grabbing promotion via playoffs from serie b. hopefully my second season nterest/struggles stay away and I can enjoy something

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I’m at christmas in second season with Leicester.

Question - how TF do I set up player mentoring? I got a load of youngsters and want the old feckers to step up and help. It doesn’t appear in the “interaction” tab for any players.