Football manager 2020

Not something I’ve done in this one as i never last that long before getting bored and moving on to a new game. Currently with Inter.

i think it moved in fm19? it’s now under Training -> Mentoring, and it’s not 1-1 anymore, you create groups of players you want to work together; if you ask your assistant they seem to always favour groups of 1 older player and 3 younger players but it’s not fixed at 3:1.

i have noticed they don’t get setup if you delegate training responsibilities, you still need to go into that page and click the button to get your assistant to setup the groups.


Thanks chaps! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok, created teh groups and added. NOW I wanna add non-first team jocks to accelerate. Any idea? I know I can add them to the “Units”, but I want them to get direct mentoring from the old farts…

I’m not sure if you can. I think you can make a group with just two people, the one you want to learn and the one you want to tutor, to achieve the same effect?

Or if you mean players form the youth squads aren’t showing up to add to the groups, you might have to move them into the senior team, and set them as available for the appropriate youth squad matches, to reflect that they’re training with the first team as part of the mentoring.

I’ve not used it so much since the change because a) i forget it’s there because no one is suggesting it in their reports to me and b) i seem to tend toward shifting out players when they hit 28/29, and the end result is a lack of role models. I do have a bunch of youngsters mind. I wish you could get the same for coaches; i finally united Ronaldo and Messi at the same team. As coaches. At SH Shenxin in China. No limit on foreign coaches unlike the players, you just have to remember where the option to send a coach on an intensive language course in chinese is…

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Needs 3 in a group for it to work it’s telling me… And only first team in mentory gubbins.

In other news, I may have exploited Man U a little and they have a couple of my shitter players. In doing so, Ole Gunnar was released from his job. An unintended consequence is taht he then popped up as an option for U18 manager role… I now have ex Man U manager as U18 manager at Leicester. :rofl:

I find moving good young players up to the 1st team squad and then making them available for reserves helps them a lot. Training with the 1st seems to bring them on

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Also, what’s the score with work permits, post Jan 21? I got a bloke I wanna buy, but “unlikely to get work permit”. How do I get one? Google didn’t help…

It all depends on how/if UK left Europe. My last 2 games they didnt.

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I believe it’s a setting… Okies, Ima take a chance and buy this chap.

Careful, it still lets you buy them but you can’t play them and it’s bloody hard to loan them out

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He got a permit :wink:

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I just couldn’t get into this version of FM… hoping FM2021 will grab my attention :frowning:

@Leepants – did you ever want to do a ZiiP game like I used to do?

That’s on you, buddy! :slight_smile: If you wanna, then go for it!

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