Football Manager 2021

Just looking for opinions for the game - is it better than FM2020, what improvements do you feel have been made for the better/Worse.

Have the interviews gotten better or are they still predictable and boring…

Any videos of matches you have played?


Get the demo and give it a go Mic

I have the demo but no time to play it.

Woot managed to get FM2021 for 24 quid from Brighton’s (footie) website…

Handy having a brother in law work there (ordered on my behalf with discount).

Still after experiences with the game - what you think works well, what doesn’t etc.


Well im hoping the newgen issue gets sorted, as even in nation your managing in teams struggle to fledge out u18 squads,

match engine is massive improvement.

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Currently managing Foggia
board want mid table
come to winter break we are

though im also thinking about a future save in England
Villa, Newcastle, Tranmere or Grimsby.

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It’s hard to NOT do England cos of the monies…

I recommedn Leicseter.

I like to start unemployed and take the game from there.

This game is currently on hold due tom the ZiiP FM20 game.

Started A Chelmsford save a week ago

Finished 12th in VanSouth
finished 1st in VanSouth
currently mid table in VNL in third season

had some deep Cup runs, best so far is 4th Round where I lost to Sheff Utd

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Grew tired of the chelmsford save.
Opted for some Chinise super league, won the league once in the 3 seasons i tried.

Decided to try Newcastle, but after 10th followed by a 7th I managed to lose the dressing room in the third season and couldnt get a win

Also tried an international journeyman save
started at New Caledonia, kept coming runners up to NZ so opted to leave and joined birkino faso u23s for africa nations, came runners up, then opted for Macedonia for there euro playoff game but I lost so left as ddnt fancy world cup qualifier struggles, then ended up at Ghana in time for africa nations which we won. but decided to join Nigeria after this tournement

And now Im looking to start a fresh save possibly Villa or Cardiff

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signed viktor fischer to be another striking option, as I dont rate Wesley on FM

they played Joe Hart in goal…Made it abit easier, spurs are also in lower half of table for some reason! happy to bring a trophy to villa, even if it is the efl cup

CL football coming to villa

won league cup again