Football Manager 2021

Seems that it’s coming to Game pass for MS / XBOX and saves are cross platform.

So, I have pre-bought from Steam. Should I refund and get via game pass cos cheaper and then able to play on my xbox when I away from home?


FM22 beta is out if anyone’s pre-ordered. Didn’t get any notification through steam, just read it somewhere else.

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Newcastle with the 200m transfer budget and they want top half first season.

Om fm20 i could get 13th with that squad. I actually found it overwhelming.

Ive ended up in ukraines second tier at a side called metalist. Not to be confused with current metalist side in top flight or the dissolved club called metalist.

The club im at has historic rights to the dissolved club though

if you keep overspending, they keep signing new sponsorship deals with telecommunications companies that allow them to meet FFP rules :smiley:

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Ai doesnt seem to do to well with newcastle.

From various simulation vids ive seen they spend 250m each year but finish mid table lol.

I tried but ill properly leave it untill i get bored or feel a desire to splosh.

At mo im in ukraine at a side who had 7m sponsorship in 2nd tier.

The accuracy of transfer rumors in the media is as good as ever.


No Ben. In fact, we’ve not scouted him, he’s not on any shortlist, and until just now i had no idea Roma’s 3rd choice keeper existed.


End of Season:
Finished 1st - 5 points clear of Chelsea
Carabao Cup and Charity Shield Winner

Jawzy became Notts Forest Manager
Buggsy became Blackburn no 1 - played 24, conceded 21, 9 Clean Sheets
Ronan played 17 times, scored 1
Stookz stayed at Blackburn making 6 apps, scoring 1 goal and making 1.
Rogue stayed at Blackburn making 8 apps, scoring 2 goals and making 1.
Hammy stayed at Blackburn making 23 apps, scoring 3, maing 4 - being chased by Milan and Sevilla
Pants, on loan at Ajax, played 31 apps, scoring 9 and making 6
Adrock, on loan at Juventus, played 32 apps, scoring 7 making 8
Spoon, on loan at Lyon, played 50 times, scoring 2, making 7
Jester, on loan at Real San Sebastian, played 43 times, conceded 58, 11 clean sheets
Naloac, on loan at Southampton, played 39 times

Blackburn may be subject to take over and possible player sales :frowning:

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End of Season:

Premiership, Champions League, FA Cup and Charity Shield Winners

Sir Buggsy - 53 Apps - 1st team GK for Blackburn, 16 Clean Sheets
Jester - 6 Apps, Backup GK for Blackburn, 3 Clean Sheets
Ro Doyle - 42 Apps, 1 goal
Spoonlamp - 44 Apps, 4 Goals, 6 Assists
Rogue - 22 Apps, 4 Goals, 3 Assists
Naloac - on loan to Bayern Munich - 25 apps, 2 goals, 3 assists
Adrock - on loan to Hertha Berlin - 46 apps, 15 goals, 10 assists
Stookz - on loan at Norwich - 32 apps, 6 Goals, 7 Assists
Hammy - on loan at Real Madrid - 28 apps, 9 goals, 5 assists
Pants - 16 apps, 2 goals, 2 assists

Jawzy - Manager at Millwall - Finished 19th in Championship - W12 D14 L20


Go Buggs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Forest to millwall. Feels like im gonna struggle for success