Football talk 18/19


Former Sky Sports pundit Thierry Henry, ex-England manager Sam Allardyce and current Brentford boss Dean Smith have emerged as the early front-runners to become Villa’s next permanent manager, according to Sky Bet.

Thoughts on anyone of those?


It’ll be NONE of those… because Sky Bet, a bookies, said so. They just want your money.

Thierry Henry already has a position. Sam Allardyce is just Bruce Mk II and as Dean Smith is just in the running because he supported Villa as a kid. Great, but means nothing.

Won’t be Rafa either, despite troubles with Newcastle.

Won’t be Terry either, because he’s a mate of Bruce and not the owners.

Possibly Rogers, because of our new director of football. But we’d have to pay him a LOT to take over where we are now.

Lots of BS speculation. I think it’ll be a European manager, possibly from France or Portugal. I think we’ll be copying Wolves with using Mendez and getting foreign loans in and a European manager who will know how to use them.

On another note, I’m glad Bruce has gone before things went truely toxic - but I don’t hate the guy like some. Seemed to be a truly nice chap and although his tactics are debatable, he did steady the ship, steady the finances (that were in his control) and put us on a good win run last season.

I think however, the Championship has changed a lot… and he hasn’t moved with the times.


fuck. him remaining in employment is our best chance of him never managing us. that said he’d never be ahead of pardew on the shortlist.


Don’t mention Pardew!

Mick McCarthy has already said he’d be applying for the Villa job!


Latest I saw was the Paraguay head coach… Wonder if Rafa would be interested


Paraguay head coach… speculation… possible - but I think he’s only just gone in the job.

Rafa - definitely not. Christian Purslow is our new CEO and he was instrumental of getting rid of Rafa from Liverpool. No love loss there.


Celtic beat again tonight. Rodgers to jump ship before it really sinks


Rodgers definitely a possibility. I think he might bail before Rangers start dominating them.


I saw mention on Beeb of a Portuguuese bloke…


Great win for Arsenal today. Seemed very shaky at the back again though… But it’s all good if you can bang in 4 more than the opposition haha.


Sounds like T Henry is moving to favourite to replace Bruce.


Henry with Terry would be epic imho.


Looks like Villa got Dean Smith from Brentford… not quite the elaborate European choice that was expected - but a solid footballing choice. Smith has led Brentford to top 10 finishes on a shoestring for 3 years - they play pretty attractive football too. He supports Villa as well, which is a bonus. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

I hope that a) he’s given time to sort the team. and b) he’s not just ditched if we’re promoted with someone flash like Henry or whoever. Those that turned us down now should be told to do one if we make it big again.


and the very next day Doug Ellis passes away :frowning:

Sad that he never saw us get back into the top flight.


Shame that. He did have villa at his heart


There’s contrasting rumours going around that in January Newcastle either have nothing to spend, or more excitingly that we’re going to sign Claire’s (presumably to cover left back).

House of Fraser to be sent out on loan after failing to make a single first team appearance.


NowTV have released a mobile version of their (Sky) sports package for £5.99 a month. Only available to view on mobile devices (not sure if you can screencast from that though). You get SSN, Premier League, Mix and another channel.

Considering the full package is about £33 a month, if you just wanted to catch SSN and some PL games, its not a bad option.


That’s actually not bad at all!


I’ve Googlecasted the NowTV app before, so don’t think it’ll be any different.

Chromecasted … I meant haha


if i don’t link to it or endorse it in anyway, can i refer to the soccer streams subreddit? Am I the only one slumming it there?