Football talk 18/19


That’s the actual app though. If it’s a mobile version I’ll bet they have casting disabled sonic you want too you’ll have to pay extra to cast


But it’s all done through the NowTV app though. Reading through the small print… It states

“NOW TV does not currently support connection of mobile devices to your TV e.g. AirPlay. Chromecast is not supported”

So unless they got rid of that support since the last time I tried, then I dunno.


does not… ?

I would figure that they would have done something to stop it from being cast, otherwise they’d be practically giving away a Sky Sports channel… and they certainly wouldn’t be doing that.


Yeah they must have some code included into it to have it only work on Android and iOS phones. Which makes me think that it won’t work on tablets either?

Device compatibility for Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass: Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass is only available on the following devices and operating systems: Apple iPhone: 4S and 5 or later running on iOS 8 or later; Android smartphones: Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later), 1.0 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 480x800 Screen Resolution.


how is souness a pundit? i saw some chat from him the other week comparing milner and pogba and saying he’d choose milner over pogba every time (why you’d have to choose between them i don’t know).

this is the same graeme souness who sent milner away stating ‘there are no wingers in modern football’ and ‘he has a lot of raw talent, but you’d win nothing with a team full of james milners’. what a prat.

@Jester do Villa fans still have fond memories of him (Milner, i assume you don’t give a shit about souness)?


Yeah, I like Milner and would happily have him back at Villa. Too many Villa players were sold for profit rather than table position or potential… Barry is another.

Equally though, we’re had stupid managers. Take Albrighton, dropped by us because he didn’t seem that good… goes to win the Premier League with Leicester, and was picked for almost every game. (Ok, we could go into huge debates about was he carried by Kante/Mahrez etc etc) - but regardless, still showed his worth compared to his Villa days.

That’s our trouble. We don’t get the most out of our players. It’s happening with Grealish now. I hope Smith brings something new…


Rumours Milner to return to Leeds before retiring. He could play until he’s 40 too


I suspect he’d be welcome back anywhere he’s played, and yeah, strikes me as the type who’ll play until he’s told he has to stop.


Glenn Murray taken straight to hospital after a head injury. Apparently in a bad state.


That doesn’t sound good


Brighton have said he was conscious before being taken off and was taken to hospital for precautionary scans. it looked like he was out cold and swallowed his tongue when he went down.


Leicester City owner’s helicopter crashed at King Power stadium.

Looks pretty grim.


Been keeping an eye on this and was going to post when I knew more. Going by what I’ve read and a few pics I’ve seen it doesn’t look good.

Also Glenn Hoddle collapsed in the studio today. Taken to hospital seriously ill but responding well to treatment


Yeah, things like this put the usual football arguments and talk in perspective. I hope everyone is ok, but I fear that won’t be the case. Hope Hoddle makes a swift recovery too.


Just saw all this as watching MOTD. Thoughts and prayers out to all concerned.


Confirmed that the owner and 4 others died in the crash. Horrible news


Yeh, Grealish is rubbish. Shit goal, all the luck, no craft or vision. At all. Honest :wink:


Super Super Jack! :smiley:


Our keeper is garbage. We’ve actually let Bolton come back into this game instead of burying them 3-0 by half time.

We’re our own worst enemy. Great that Grealish scored… but my god, its been a long time coming.

The trouble is Grealish is the clubs golden boy - and everything, including the likes of Bruce, didn’t have the bottle to tell him to start playing real football and stop diving in the box at every occasion looking for a foul. That’s why he doesn’t score - he’s too busy falling over.

Maybe Smith has got a backbone and told him to start going for goal more. He’s got the talent. Just needs the attitude.


Jes, whatever works! Winning is winning :wink: