Football talk 18/19


Yeah, but it ain’t working. Hence why we’re 17th.

I have faith in Smith to sort this mess out. Might take at least 18 months though. Not 3 weeks.


Saying that, Chester just scored. Good lad.


I got it on :wink:


what defending! worth a goal that



So, seems like a decent game at the Villa this evening… :wink:

Mind, Stoke v Derby is a LOT lively and tetchy!


fucking Villa.


Beat Derby 3-0 away. Won the Local Derby 4-2. Beat Boro 3-0 away.


Dean Smith is becoming a legend already. I really hope we can see this through and get back up. Nothing is given - because the competition is so tough this year: Leeds, Norwich, Forest, Brom… Even B’ham.

In a way, I watch the PL, and wish we could just stay and dominate the Championship. It’s far more entertaining, with frankly, better teams than some in the PL.


Bloody hell that Arsenal Vs Spurs match…


O bum. Just home, so didn’t see any of them. Looking at the Beeb, seems all were good today. BAH!


Oh Pickford… Ooops.


Hughes has been sacked at Soton. Not exactly a surprise.

Still, creates a new PL opening for: Bruce, Pardew, Moyes, Allardyce et al.


Might wait for Harry to come out of the jungle


Latest whispers was Moyes… god help em!


Maybe they could hire Pardew AND Moyes AND Bruce AND Allardyce AND Redknapp.

Then i don’t need to worry about them becoming our manager.


That sounds like a really terrible Superhero unit.


‘Ashley: Newcastle sale ‘possible’ by Jan’


Since that interview, one of the “potential” has pulled out due to Ashley breaking his own privacy agreement about selling lol


why anyone would believe a word sky sports say i haven’t a clue; they announced our signing of charlie austin three years ago and it hasn’t happened yet. shower of clowns that print whatever someone’s willing to pay them to, haven’t a journalistic bone or an ounce of integrity between the lot of them. shower of cunts.

club isn’t for sale. never has been. this is the seventh time it’s publicly been for sale while not being for sale. But hey, it’s an excuse to not spend in january, to not give the manager a new contract, or to try and convince people not to cancel their season tickets (renewals for next season have to be in in january/february). same as all the eyars except the two where he claimed ‘we’re stuck together’ and ‘now we’re going to attach the horse to the cart’. 3 seperate 5 year plans in 11 years and no progress along with a drop in his net worth. some fucking ‘genius’ businessman. Our facilities manager admitted in an interview he can’t get the club to pay for basic maintenance or repairs, he has to ask for what he needs and then gets a small percentage of what’s requested, or in one case was given a plaque to put on a wall. We’ve announced new training facilities and youth academy improvements three times, but nothing has actually happened. At some point people will buy his claims that ‘they’re definitely a professional football team, and not a local high school side who won a competition in the chronicle’, and as long as he says it in an interview on skyfuckingsports everyone will just fucking believe whatever they’re told.

It’s over when the cunt’s dead, the sooner the better.


GOOD LORD! No, Ad, say what you mean :wink: