Football talk 18/19


Don’t fall into the trap of sounding like an Arsenal fan (no offence pip) where you complain about how terrible your regular and consistent top-6 finishes and European football are, season after season after season…

It could be a LOT worse :slight_smile:


Sarri has won more matches in his 1st 50 odd games than Pep did


Its not about the win ratio/or where we finish.

It is the complete lack of a plan b. The lack of appreciation of Hazard (letting him know he can leave), the absurdity of allowing Hudson-Odoi no game time (unless under duress of the board) - instead preferring our ageing players - Pedro (no pace) or Willian (been out of form for some time) - a 60M bid should have been snapped up for Willian (29).

The man is too stubborn for his own good. The system he plays has been worked out (Stifle the mediocre Jorghino) and we can no longer function as an outfit.

And what is the deal with Cahill, head and shoulders a better defender than Luiz (who quite frankly, can only play in a three).

Our football is predictable - there is no entertainment at all. We have good flair players, we have workers too but everyone is out of position - it is a side in disarray.

Chelsea are a mess - I would like it if Chelsea removed him and brought in Eddie Howe. Open , attacking football, he would bring through our youth players, a young coach who can adapt.

Managers need time, I know that, but Sarri is not the answer. His inflexibility and complete lack of judgement and unwillingness to change is clearly evident. He is a man out of his depth, in a league that takes no prisoners.

Sadly, I feel the malaise has now spread to our owner and I would not be surprised if the For Sale sign soon appears above Stamford Bridge.


Bollocks Mic. If you where sitting top on a 20 match unbeaten streak nothing would be said. If he’s system was working you’d all love him.

The fact it’s not worked as well as it did at the start is why Chelsea are where they are. No plan b is a big but I’ll give you that and playing some players out of position but to say it’s not about points and position is bollocks


The trouble you have @MicJules, with the top 6 teams is that there is so much money invested in players that when a new manager comes in, they have to work with what they have got and not ‘bring in’ players that suit their managerial style of play. Equally, they can’t change them around because there is only a limited amount of talent available to choose from at the upper echelons of the main leagues in Europe.

So Sarri comes in, wants to change the entire system of the club overnight, and it doesn’t work with the players he’s got - equally, doesn’t have the option to change all of them. Rock and a hard place. Managers making another manager’s team play ‘their way’ is guaranteed in them losing the dressing room. It’s the same problem that Man Utd have had after Sir Alex left.

I still think of the Chelsea team at the moment as Mourinho’s Chelsea - I know there have been some changes… but I feel (perhaps wrongly, I could be mistaken) that there are too many players that are still there from his reign. You probably need to cash in on players like Hazzard and bring in the future talent.

It’s why any plan for a top 6 team has to be long term. Have faith in a manager to have at LEAST 4 seasons to get the world class players they want as they come available to make the side that plays their style.

Of course, that never happens. Owners/Fans want wins the following season or want them sacked.


Hammy - my comment was directed at the Pep comparison. Wins and Positions are part and parcel of a fans view of football.

I had different reasons for wanting Sarri out and it had nothing to do with his record. I like exciting, attacking football, everything Sarriball is not.

I see him undermining the team, telling players to leave and not really wanted to use a kid who has great potential and could be a great England player of the future be discarded for players who are not in form. Chelsea suffer from a lack of kids and English ones at that - here we have one and what does our manager do, “I want him to stay, but he wont play”. What kind of message is that.

@Jester You are quite right, Top 6 teams need time to change philosophy, need a long term plan. Chelsea really don’t go in for that as they has proven time and again. If we had been, Carlo Ancelotti would still be there now and we would be on the verge of greatness - a huge regret for every Chelsea fan. He was our Pep.

If Chelsea really wanted to change, they would have come out and stood by Sarri but their attitude has always been, say nothing, work behind the scenes and undermine the current manager until a new face is ready to take over.

I would love Chelsea to rebuild (transfer bans may kick start this), move on the ageing pros that want more than 1 year contract, cash in on others (if Hazard wont sign) and build a younger base like Mourinho built when he first arrived. Realistically, to rebuild Chelsea, Our owner needs to appear to be interested but with visa issues, I think he may become the absentee owner like Newcastle.

As for Mourinho’s team, when Terry and Lampard went, that was really the end of his team. They were the stalwarts of his legacy.


Chelsea have been doing that for years. Not just Sarri.


I wasn’t even expecting Arsenal to be in the top 10 this season. I thought it would go the way it went with Man Utd after Fergie left, I’m chuffed with a top 5/6 finish! Although we still have 12 games left? It’s gonna take a couple of seasons to get the club to where Emery wants it.

The same can be said about Sarri, the manager needs time to get the club how he wants to manage it, but for now has to deal with what he’s got and adjust BUT Chelsea being Chelsea, he’ll likely be gone by Summer and not given the chance to build something.


It would be nice if the FA stopped teams like Chelsea buying all the youth talent and then loaning them out to the Championship / L1 & L2 - Because it makes them mercenaries and not part of the “team” they play for.

Abraham being the perfect example: He should just join a damn club – OR – be part of Chelsea’s actual lineup.


@VirulentPip Do you think Emery will get a couple of seasons? Is top 6 enough? Like, if he never qualified for the champions league, but never finished below 6th, would that be enough? For you, the club, or him?

I struggle to get excited about any neutral matches these days, i feel like the football is pretty average in terms of entertainment (which should be it’s sole purpose) and then huge amounts of marketing, constantly telling me everything is amazing, entertaining, exciting, tense, and blah and etcetera, which just pisses me off. I find entertaining football entertaining, I do not find being told boring football is entertaining because it’s expensive entertaining.

Mike Ashley’s a cunt for it, and Chelsea are probably the worst, but this is the idea of rich (predominantly white) men, being able to buy and sell humans from other countries to turn a profit. You can defend it however you like, but the people at the top who are actually doing it, they 100% see it that way. They don’t employ footballers, they own them, and Chelsea’s plantation draws a lot of envy.

Fatman himself has said ‘i want a club capable of producing Andy Carroll’s’. So big physical strikers? Players who never fulfill their potential and get injured constantly? No, he means locally sourced low cost humans that you can peddle for 35million quid.

Give players the right to freedom of contract if they play in less than half the matches in a season or spend two consecutive seasons on loan. It’d cause utter chaos initially, but again, it’d make things interesting for a change. Something has to change to fix the problem, but the FA, the EPL and the FL aren’t going to do shit because any top club could afford to outlawyer them.

Our leagues are setup from the ground up to keep things the same, year on year, as much as possible, because that’s what favours the wealthiest people at the top, and they’re the only ones who matter. The reason the top 6 get to fantasise about building teams over a period of years and winning trophies comes at the expense of the other 86 league clubs in the country. As a follower of three of those clubs who will never be allowed to compete in a sporting competition because of certain club owners greed, go fuck yourselves you entitled privileged cunts.

Get rid of London and Manchester and football could be interesting again. Sure, there’d not be as much money in it, but the money doesn’t make it interesting, or entertaining, or competitive, so I’d be fine with that.


I think he’ll be given 2-3 seasons at least, I’d like us to be competing for major trophies don’t get me wrong, but it’ll take time to rebuild. If we win the Europa League and finish 4-6th this season that’ll be great. Not everyone will have this same outlook though. But people also forget that we have won the FA Cup and Community Shield in '14 '15 and '17 so it ain’t all bad :joy:


Totally agree with you @adrock - last weekend’s billing of MANCHESTER UNITED! vs LIVERPOOL! - to quote a commentator before the match, “This’ll be a epic game with lots of goals… I’m predicting 3 all!”

Turned out to be a super boring match with no goals. The EFL cup wasn’t much better, apart from keepergate at the end.

Regarding players, did you see the letter from an agent to Emiliano Sala? That pretty much summed up modern football.

They are all just commodities.


That’s a refreshing opinion to hear :slight_smile:

Mark Lawrenson is meant to be a professional pundit and football expert. He makes predictions for the BBC, who pay him for them. Anyone fancy guessing the number of undefeated title winning seasons he’s predicted for liverpool? It’s more than one, and it’s infinitely more than they’ve had. Some fucking expert. And he hates us because we sacked him in the 90s and he hasn’t gotten over it yet.

That’s no ordinary agent, that’s supercunt Willie McKay, he’s been at it 20 years. But i get your point.

Bullshit highlights this week:

  • Paul Ince saying that Rafa has been allowed to spend some of Mike Ashley’s money, when the paperwork says Newcastle actually spent some of Barclays money on it because neither the club nor Mike could cover it.
  • a Charlton fan insisting that Mike Ashley has put hundreds of millions into the club, saved us, and that we all hate him just because he’s southern.
  • Newcastle fans want to challenge for the league title and be in the champions league, and will be angry with whoever’s in charge until they do. This is something Richard Keys has been pushing for years now, and i don’t understand a) why? or b) who keeps believing him? why do the london press just take everything he says about somewhere i doubt he’s ever been as the gospel truth?

I don’t even understand why he’s a football pundit, all i know him for is being the father of that hollyoaks actress whose best friend he had an affair with and destroyed his family. I don’t even know why that’s how i know him, only that he’s clearly subhuman filth that the southern half of the country insists on perpetuating.

dammit, i decided to fact check incase i’d gone awry somewhere and was being overly harsh, but the internet just reminded me that the wife he cheated on was ‘cancer stricken’ at the time. What a champ.


On an unrelated (well, related, if we’re describing cunts) note: Did I see Sam Allardyce is going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice this year?

“Don’t worry Alan, I’ll just make a couple of phones call and have this sorted. Just like I sort transfers…”

I like how the media (well, BBC) describe Allardyce as “ex-England Manager” - I mean, technically, yes. But does it really count when you did literally fuck all before being sacked?


Marketing. Because introducing him as ‘former part of bolton’s furniture and perennial league failure’ would probably put him off taking part.

I wasn’t aware, but i’m not surprised after Redknapp Sr was on some such nonsense last year. As long as it keeps them away from football I’ve no complaints. Could they take Pardew too? And Sherwood. and Wise.


This is from our clubs official twitter feed (at Christmas):

Even they understand what a tool pardew is.


Fair play to Utd. Crazy game.


Glad they knocked out PSG (everything wrong with modern football) but now i have to listen to UTD fans.


Could be worse, could be City fans.

or Liverpool fans.

I’m glad Solskjaer is doing well though.


Dont mind city fans, agree on the Liverpool fans though