Football talk 18/19


What a good game of football. It had the full range of emotions:

bloody knackered now.


N’Castle nearly midtable… Won’t be long 'til Ashley adds another 50 million to his asking price? I mean, he’s still selling, right?

On other games today, can we all laugh at Spurs yet?

Villa vs Brum derby tomorrow. Be a typically nasty game, where Grealish will probably be hacked to bits pick up an injury whilst the rest of the country won’t give a fuck - even though Sky Sports will make you think you do.


Taken it off the market. There were no serious offers apparently


It was never on the market Mic, pay attention :wink:

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Just saw the highlights on MOTD. Pickford’s a bit of a prick isn’t he? Nice rugby tackle though… should be in the 6 Nations.

Great linkup play between Rondon and Perez. That chip across goal was really unselfish.

Also, West Brom has just sacked their manager? Are they fucking mental? They are 4th in the table. The last 2 games they lost were to Leeds and Sheffield Utd - Both on form teams.



Of course he’s a prick, he’s a mackem. Though I’m honestly not sure if Pickford intended to actually tackle him, or was just trying to throw himself around and backward knowing the ball had gone past him. Either way should be at least a booking, no outfield/foreign player would get away with that shit. I did enjoy the commentators comment in the last 5 minutes ‘He’s not taking his time anymore, Pickford’ after he spent ages milking every second out of every goal kick. up to that point. If that’s what counts as an england international these days i’m fine with us not having any.

Sacking Moore seems ludicrous; i assume they must have an appointment in mind already and badly need to go back up this season, to the extent that drawing while in 4th isn’t good enough…


Yeah, I’ve been reading up - Brom are doing what we (stupidly) did last 2 seasons… fling all the money at instant promotion - if it doesn’t pay off, they’re broke.

Still harsh though. Maybe he’s lost the dressing room. Still managed to beat Villa 2-0 away a few weeks ago. Not that that says much really :stuck_out_tongue:



Utter cunts. Was just about to post myself.

Hope they get fucking docked points for lack of stewarding. If he’d had a weapon or anything sharp, that could have been horrendous.

Birmingham fans cheering show themselves to be the scum they are.


Haha! The city is ours. Beautiful.

Check out the fucking steward pushing him in the back lol

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Apparently the steward got dragged away by Police too - I didn’t see it at first view, but he kicks at his calf as well as hits him in the back.

Seen tweets too where they mock Jack’s dead brother. Utter scum.

I hope they throw the book at Birmingham.


So what rank are Kazakhstan in the FIFA world ranking then?

I’m surprised tbh - I thought Scotland was looking stronger. Been following McGinn (as he’s now Villa) and the lad is an absolute workhorse with a lot of talent, never gives up.

I’m guessing the rest of the side isn’t. They needed Alan Hutton. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think they’ve a variety of senior players missing.

No one needs Hutton. McGinn was quite well rated up here but in the same sense that so many before him have been, with a sense of futility that he’ll either fail in england or thrive at celtic. I think they’re just glad he didn’t go to celtic now.


117th in the world


so they’re the ones you can only get on an appeal for the work permit by spending huge amounts on their transfer fee and wages.

Not sure it’s worth it on the off chance i play celtic in the CL.


Birmingham to be docked 9 points…



Fulham relegated. Awwwwwwww

Guess they aren’t going to buy Wembley Stadium then…


How has pogba made it into the team of the year ahead of hazzard


Old boys network


Fuck me! What a goal! Big goal in the league race!