Football talk 19/20

Deadline day, some deals to be done. Thoughts?

I’m hoping we don’t sell our captain and then whine about the early window closing for not being able to bring in a replacement. We’re allegedly trying to sign 3 or 4 french/spanish teenagers but no one really expects any of those to be completed, and then we’ll keep selling players to the rest of the world until september, because we’ve got too much dead wood on the books.

Yesterday we agreed a bonus scheme for our players for the season, weeks/months after every other club; Mike likes to offer very high bonuses for stupid targets (20million for winning the FA cup) but well below what other clubs offer for league performance; that way he doesn’t have to pay out for either. Our players refused to do their walkups and photography for Sky last week because it wasn’t settled. second year in a row that’s happened, and I’ve never heard of it happening at any other club. The prevailing fan theory seems to be that Sky have told the club to get it sorted as they pay the club a lot of money.

Hopefully Mike Ashley is dead by the end of the day; just like every other day.

edit: oh, and we’re trying to sign a full back that we know we can’t get a work permit for, so that the club can say ‘look, we tried to sign someone’. this is like when lascelles was sent on loan to back to forest for a full season, but was still named in our league squad (along with three teenagers who don’t need to be in the squad to play), and the club announced that we were unable to make signings because we had a full squad. Or when we signed strikers on loan, put them in our squad, and then they never trained or made it tot he bench, let alone played any football for us. Just more shifty shenanigans from Shirebrook.

Villa seem to have made Levy look like a mug over Grealish. Apparently we valued Grealish at £30million. Levy offered us £3million + Josh Onomah. Cheeky git.

They could have had Grealish before we got taken over… would have had him for around £15million I reckon, and that would have been a good bit of business for Spurs. But they didn’t, so fuck 'em.

There latest offer of £25million got rejected too - but frankly, we don’t need the money now (apart from sorting FFP somehow) - Of course, the window isn’t closed yet - and I think if spurs came in at around £30million… we might take it.

All the media groups are saying that Grealish is pissed with Villa for blocking the move and that he won’t sign another contract. But it’s all media BS coming out of London. His brother has said so on Twitter. Of course he’ll sign another contract - he’s only on 10K p/w - and could easily go up to £30-40K as a senior player.

We got in John McGinn from Hibs, who apparently is the best thing to come out of Scotland in ages. Does seem to be an excellent player with a fantastic attitude - so a great bit of business. Had loads of Hibs fans on the Villa fan forums - and they’ve been incredibly positive and polite… unlike other forums I’ve seen, so kudos to them.

Villa almost signed Joe Bryan from Bristol last night. Apparently, he had done his medical and even done photos (some conflict as to whether he’d signed on the dotted line or not) - Anyhow, Fulham seemed to have stepped in and ninja’d him at the 11th hour. Nothing confirmed yet mind - If true, extremely disrespectful… but not uncommon. Tis the world of football and shitty agents.

Others were tracking include Success from Watford, Maddison from Posh. We do need cover on the left-back if we’re not taking Bryan now though.

McGinn is a great signing for Villa, but I full expect Spurs to come back in for Grealish, and him to go. Fits the Spurs mold perfectly.

No idea what is going on at Newcastle, well I do, Mike Fucking Ashley. No more is needed to be said.

Think Leeds need another midfielder, and possibly a full back. The way we look to be playing, we will need cover, as the players need to run their balls off.

Media backtracking on all the lies about Grealish yesterday - saying he’ll sign a 40K p/w contract. Shocking :wink:

Looks like Bristol City were trying to get Jay Dasilva on loan from Chelsea - but Villa are possibly making last minute enquiries. That’d shut them up after the Joe Bryan incident.

Just saw this on Twitter:

Jordan Ayew’s last 4 clubs…

  • Sochaux: Relegated
  • Lorient: Relegated
  • Aston Villa: Relegated
  • Swansea: Relegated

He’s about to sign for Crystal Palace.

In my humble opinion, he’s a stroppy player who can’t make the final pass because he won’t look up. No awareness. Similar to Traore.

OK, I got this wrong, Sky now reporting Spurs will not be making a bid for him. Though I dare say this will change come Jan.

They may be over priced but Everton have been making some decent signing, as have Wolves. Making for an interesting season

Everton, Wolves & Fulham have done some good business. As have West Ham, who have pretty much had a rebuild.

Bournemouth, Cardiff, Southampton are going to struggle this season.

Be interesting to see how Arsenal do post-Wenger.

UTD get turned down left right and centre for a cb. I’d not like to move there now know that you are 5 choice.

Leeds after Ollie Norwood, be a good signing for us. One of those players that suits that league.

watch as a bunch of players who don’t move today start moving in the next few weeks for much lower fees, once their clubs have gotten as much out of the premier league clubs as they’re going to (until january).

We’re still in profit for Rafa’s entire tenure; it took selling mitrovic and loaning away gayle while paying half his wages for us to be able to sign Rondon on loan for the season, seemingly all our incoming fees are being arranged over the next several transfer windows to stop us being able to spend it on anything other than unknown quantities in the 5-10m bracket. If only we were allowed to raise funds through commercial means like other football clubs. or spend the TV money. or if that fat fucking cunt piece of trash could keel the fuck over already. I hope some nutjob manages to wipe him out before getting whatever care they require to recover from their condition.

Norwood seems like a solid option for the championship. Out of curiosity, do Leeds still have vurnon anita on their books? He was our lone addition to our squad that time we finished 5th and got into the europa league.

We do but looks like he hasnt been given a number and his days could be numbered

Swansea City defender Federico Fernandez has this lunchtime left Wales to complete a medical with Newcastle United , Sky sources understand.

Thoughts @adrock

So - they’ve looked on twitter then.

not sure what’s happening. we had lascelles, lejeune, clark and mbemba. mbemba was sold, and in theory replaced by schaar (swiss chap), but then lejeune is out injured until sometime next year. We need cover, but it stinks of getting in cheap replacements ahead of selling lascelles. Getting two players in from a recently relegated club doesn’t show much ambition.

Sky’s sauces are crap, they pushed the line about our championship season wage bill being 112million because that’s what it says in the accounts . We were linked with him earlier in the summer so it could be recycling, or desperation on the clubs part.

We also still only have 3 fullbacks to get us through the season, a left footed one, a right footed one with some pace, and a chap who knows how to pull his boots on.

(I’m trolling) Thoughts… get loads of actors, you will do great they know how to fall to the ground and act like they were hurt.

actors aren’t willing to put in the physical effort or training; that’s why they get paid less than footballers. it’s possible footballers are better actors than actors are, and are footballers because it pays more. The number of people to cross over between the two is too small to draw any conclusions; was Vinnie Jones particularly good at either profession?

Your attempted trolling raises some valid points about modern top-flight football. troll fail.


seems like we wanted fernandez on loan, were refused, and have waited until now to put in a lower bid (6m) than the asking price (10m) which we’re hoping they’ll accept out of desperation. It leaves them with only a single senior central defender, and apparently he’s en route for a medical but the clubs haven’t agreed on the fee yet.

how we choose to do business is a fucking disgrace.

This new transfer window is balls by the way. Lets see how many players leave to European teams that cant be replaced afterwards

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Everton trying to sign Andre Gomes from Barca, they really arent fucking about this year. Bernard is going to be a smashing signing