Football talk 19/20

Same here. Fucking thing didn’t load. I tried to change when I learnt Mane was on the bench - he’s my bloody captain. Still got VVD.

Liverpool defenders are a pain in fantasy football. They get great assists and score regularly. But they also look pretty sloppy at times.

I think my team is the same as Jes’

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Norwich did very well in teh 2nd half… may have a chance.

yeah, they improved. They certainly settled in - and they have a quick touch. Could catch a few teams napping. Can they keep up that level for the season? Have they got depth to handle injuries? That’ll decide their season.

If they can, they’ll be tough. Be interesting to see if they make Carrow Road a bit of a fortress.

Strong start to the season for Brighton and Burnley.

Looks like man city going for the goal difference again lol

Well, Villa did well for about 60 minutes… then the fatigue kicked in. Lots of positives - but I do worry about our lack of strikers.

Yeah they were looking good. As you said, lots of positives.

Looks like Southampton still in form :roll_eyes::joy:

Well, silver lining is that after the first match, we’re above Chelsea in the table :smile:

Going to be a long season for Chelsea


You see that Adrian is injured after a fan slipped as he ran towards the Liverpool team celebrating at the end of the Super Cup final and took his ankles out?

So that’s no Allison and no Adrian… Who’s their 3rd choice?

Our 3rd is probably Andy Lonergan that we got on a free from Middlesbrough

That doesn’t sound inspiring.

Yarp. Apparently Klopp has been impressed by his training but…yeah…

And against Southampton…

fuck sake Villa

Holy molly Ceballos was immense today!!! Defence is still ropey AF! But god damn going forward is a joy to watch! Pepe got 45mins too, showed a bit of what he’s capable of… But the real test will be next weekend against Liverpool.

#BruceOut is trending already. Only the 2nd game.

3 in a row for Newcastle wins me 6 quid! 1 to go…

speaking of Newcastle, one of their former ‘prospects’ signed by Dennis Wise lined up against us today for Cheltenham.

Maybe we can snatch up that Longstaff when the fuss dies down and Man U are no longer ‘interested’ :smiley:

2 points on the board and a surprisingly exciting cup tie down, whole season to go…