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A 11.45am update from Guernsey police: “So far over 1,000sq miles have been searched by a total of five aircraft and two lifeboats. It is being co-ordinated by the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre. There has been no trace of the aircraft. The search is continuing.”

Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala was on board an aircraft which went missing near the Channel Islands on Monday evening, French authorities have confirmed.

The Cardiff players reported for training this morning but it was cancelled due to the Sala incident.


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123 million last year from TV and the league, 20 million profit from the last transfer window, plus a TV money payment in November '18, and yet we’ve taken a bank loan secured against this and next years TV money to make signings. wtf has the money gone mike, you fat **** **** ****** **** ******* **** **** ****. ****** die already you ****.


So, pleased with your new record signing then?

it show’s the kind of ambition (sort of) that we’ve lacked, for 12? years… but taking out a bank loan to fund them is worrying; we should be 173 million up on last season, where’s the money gone…

what happened to the fakeover?

why wait until the end of the month; the guy finished his season back in december.

We were apparantly in for Hayden until one of your deals fell through… then it was pretty much confirmed we had Fer… only to be told we got Tom Carroll instead.

Good panic buying Villa.

I think that’s a good buy for you. Decent player.

Swansea pulled the plug at the last minute on our deal the wankers

aye, we were apparently after Samaris from benfica (he’s played over a dozen matches in only 3 years!) and they pulled out, so Hayden had to stay (he is currently starting matches). I like Hayden, but he’s apparently desperate to be further down south. He was also linked with west brom along with murphy and apparently the ‘mystery striker’ we were trying to sign was…salomon rondon, on loan for next season, secured by sending them three of our players, with neither club knowing what league they’ll be in next season. This fell through, for some reason…

We got a left wing back on loan, been trying that for 18 months (since we refused to pay a 250k loan fee for targett from Southampton. Now we have…2 left backs! So if one’s injured, suspended, or shit, the other one can play! Revolutionary stuff for us; we haven’t tried this since the good old days of alan pardew substituting the left back between 60-70 minutes every match because he doesn’t have a clue what else to do.

Could be worse I guess. Hopefully will fit our new style.

I’m suspicous of the fer story because it was all but confirmed - including a sub story with sky - but yet Sky bet, Unibet and others were still taking good odds on it… low and behold, it didn’t happen. Convenient that.

There used to be a good ITK source for villa transfers, I think he was at the medical centre, but got busted last summer and closed his Twitter account.


When i was a steward i spent some time working at tynecastle when they had their previous previous (previous?) chairman, who they lovingly nicknamed ‘the pie man’, and encouraged with that famous chant ‘pie man pie man get tae fuck, pie man get tae fuck’. At the time i didn’t comprehend how people could end up that angry, and my job was ‘intercepting’ people trying to get into the director enclosure because this is hearts, and the director enclosure was a section of regular old wooden stand with a 2 foot barricade around it, which people would frequently just jump/step/throw themselves over.

Now i understand. Now i have the other problem; how can anyone who’s ever been in a room with it and allowed it to live, live with themselves. Here’s a quote from Ashley flunky/former MD/rangers botherer Derek Lambias: “You guys don’t understand how fucking horrible we can be”. What am i meant to do with that Derek? Am i meant to cow down and ‘respect’ you and Mike becausde you’re so fuckin’ 'ard?

Here’s some more:
“We had the control. We knew the Torres deal was there. We drew that f***** deal, perhaps the ultimate,”* explained Llambias.

“So £30m? F** off! Don’t waste my time and I slammed the phone down. £35m? Everybody including Pardew all agreed.”*

“But the £35m they wanted to pay over four years. It was rubbish. Mike (Ashley) said — and he is a brave boy Mike I promise you — get all the £35m up front.”

“We got it all up front and then they never paid us on time and we charged them 12 grand f***** interest.”*

Yer ma must be so proud.

Sky will say whatever they’re told to say, they’re for hire. They’ve got a good relationship with KBPR which is why they push pro-ashley stories and give him sham interviews, along with Richard ‘bang your daughters friend until she’s an alcoholic’ Keys, Rio ‘Ashley has a deal to sell my merch, but i’ll make a retraction, admit i don’t know what i’m talking about, then say it again, then delete my tweets and claim i was just winding people up for my own amusement as a defence’ Ferdinand, and the evening chronicle (who were blacklisted by the club and denied access to matches, players, or press briefings until they agreed to get onboard).

In 2015 these ‘sources’ announced our signing of Charlie Austin. Because Keith Bishop told them to. That is the level of journalistic integrity on offer when you watch sky.

Dear God… 30 mins gone… 4-0 down - what the f*ck is Sarriball!

I recommend watching hiohglights of WHam v Fulham. Only need to see the first couple of minutes…


Now don’t fuck this up.

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Good win for Newcastle.

Fucking Steve Bruce. Sheffield Wednesday, unbeaten under him - and beat Swansea 3-1


We draw with Stoke. Somehow.

LOL @ Chelsea.

How does Kepa walk back in that dressing room?

Oh my god that was insane, never have I seen a player refuse a substitution, what an embarrassment!

Side note…

I dozed off about 20 times between that Final and the Man Utd and Liverpool matches. Jesus how boring.


Yeah totally… I laugh when Sky advertise a “Clash of the titans on Super Sunday!”… when in reality I’ve had more interesting farts than the football today.

As for Chelsea… I sympathise with the keeper… I mean, you play 120mins just to get subbed at the end… I’d be like “fuck off” too… but then I feel bad for Sarri too being undermined like that. Then I remember it’s just Chelsea, so I just laugh…

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Keeper has come out and said it was a misunderstanding/miscommunication. Sarri believed he was unable it carry on. Doctor didn’t tell him that in time and he went to make a sub. Kepa was ok and wanted to carry on

Yeah… that’s BS released by the club to save face lol

Why haven’t they sacked Sarri yet… Kepa should be banished for 4 games by the club for his actions and bring on the transfer ban then hopefully they will blodd the kids!

Grrrrrrrrrr!!! What a sht season. Sarriball can go fck itself; Kante, the worlds best defensive player and we have him on the right of a three charging into the box.

Its just a fecking mess.