Football Talk 20/21

Premier League season will start September 12th and run through to May 23rd.

Hang on! We’ve not finished this one yet!!

My god the transfer window is going to be messy.

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VERY GOOD - considering Villa have bugger all depth.

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So Villa have changed their Director of Football and their head scouting. Rob Mackenzie has joined - apparently he was instrumental with certain transfers at Leicester and Spurs, as well as many others in Europe.

The speed at which the back room has changed would imply this was very much a done deal before the end of the season.

Hoping now we can get some talent - keep getting linked to Brentford players because of Smith. Benrama and Watkins… but I don’t think we will. I think it’s just weak journalism again.

Were being linked to them too. Also Harry Wilson, who is also being linked with Villa

It’s just weak journalism. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leeds spent very little in the window. Maybe blow your transfer budget on one top player, say 50+ million of something daft. Rest of your squad is quite gelled and you don’t want to rock the boat.

Every team that comes up from the playoffs will struggle - they usually need to buy a new team. Fulham’s team pretty much is their PL team from 2 seasons ago - but that was shit, so they probably need to spend.

Villa were the same last season - lots of loans and championship level players. Had to spend like Crazy. Lucky we didn’t go down.

Sheffield United were gelled together and didn’t spend - they’ve done well… although some of their players have been around since Div1 days.

Norwich is a strange on - didn’t spend, but Pukki was on fire at the start of the season and they easily looked like they’d finish out the relegation zone. But they just fell apart.

Fulham will be aiming for 17th this season like we were. They just need to survive one season without spending to get the feet planted again. I think Leeds with Bielsa could upset a few top teams - you’re probably looking for a 10-15th place finish.

PR disaster for Arsenal eh @VirulentPip

Sign Willian but sack 55 staff… oops

Not really, the staff were made redundant, mainly match day stadium staff that haven’t been working for months anyways, yeah it sucks, but it is what it is, wouldn’t say it’s a PR disaster at all, it’s business.

Edit - the 20.8M would be in wages over 4 years, if he’s a vital part of the squad money well spent… First thing to save us money would be to get Ozil off the books over 300K a week to do nothing.

Seems The Old Lady is managerless! :scream:

Valencia have alerted Premier League clubs by putting all but one of their players up for sale in a bid to balance the books. (

Absolutely ridiculous that it’s come to this.


Carabao Cup - first 4 rounds will be completed in September too…

Semi Finals will be hosted by the Home Team.

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Interesting table:


As the title says, points per wage bill. Villa reduced their wage bill from 95m per year in the Championship season to only ÂŁ65m in the season where we stayed up. Can see why relegation is going to hit Bournemouth hard - ÂŁ111m is huge and almost double Villa.

Sheffield Utd manged 54 points on £40m. That’s amazing. Compared to Arsenal who were 2 points higher and spent £232m !!

When you see a table like this, you can physically see the differences between the top teams and the bottom. Makes you laugh when a team like Norwich beat Man City.


England team has been announced. No Grealish. Love him or loath him - he made 2nd most chances in the EPL last season, only behind De Bruyne. Most fouled player too - due to him driving forward and catching sloppy defenders out.

Yet Southgate has picked bang average Harry Winks! Who does what exactly?

I’m sorry, Kalvin Philips may excel in the Premier League next season… but he hasn’t yet. Southgate said previously he’d only put proven PL players in the England team.

Fucking politics.

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Honestly shocked at the lack of Grealish, and I would have thought Saka would have got a shot.

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Yep agreed.

Bukayo Saka last season:

4 goals
12 assists
Played in multiple positions
Europa League young player of the season

Jack Grealish last season:

8 goals
6 assists
Won most fouls in PL history
Most chances created by an Englishman

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I wouldn’t blame him if he chose to play for Ireland to be honest. Probably shine and be just what they need.

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Equally wouldn’t be surprised if Saka chooses Nigeria.

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While I can agree they should be in, look at who else is in that play the same position. Kalvin Phillps is a defensive midfielder play maker. How many of them do England have compared to attacking midfielders like Grealish?