Football Talk 20/21

Each club was to get €3.5B … Mr Kroenke was to pocket €350M of that.

I still find this all very surreal. Big question is what Perez does now. He’s the chairman of this new league and also a massive cunt

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Oh yeah, I’ve seen rugby teams sponsored by pies when Kate has games on. Just being silly about the Doritos thing, mostly hehe.

Looking at what American sport is like and how several hours of coverage is 20% game and 80% “How many ads can we cram in” - that isn’t sport, even to someone who hasn’t followed anything since the Manchester Giants and Manchester Storms were teams that sold out arenas.

Sounds like there is some unity among fans and clubs - atleast at some levels - and against this though so fingers crossed.

Was wondering when this would come.

The whole team has tweated it

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How have the fans of the european clubs reacted. I hope they just as angry.

Though all the english sides have withdrawn now, and Ed Woodward has resined.

Don’t think it’s as bad in Europe. They seem to listen to the owners alot more there.

Athletico and inter now pulled out

GJ this evening Pickers

Man Utd protest.

I keep hearing the fans say that they want their club back and don’t want the Glazers using their club as a cash cow.

I don’t understand it.

They are a top club that pretty much every window buys top players. They’ve employed top managers and are regularly in the top of the top tier of the EFL.

Sure, their owners have taken money out their club. That happens at all clubs - but at least they’ve been invested in.

Would fans prefer being not owned by billionaire owners, have reduced revenue but be owned by people who “understand” the club - but at the same time finish mid table most seasons and don’t also get into Europe?

I think they need to be careful what they wish for… and they need to stop living in the past. Football has changed, and it ain’t going back anytime soon

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Hahaha IKR… Least their owner knows to spend money…

If the Kroenkes were like Utd/City owners and splash the cash to then actually make even more cash, rather than a nice steady income and didn’t have the highest season ticket prices, I wouldn’t be so mad.


Did make me laugh sky sports applauding the fans absolute demolishing of the super league

Same fans still protesting the super league but it costs sky money *“nooo sthap that” * :joy:


Haha very true.

And if Sky had been given Super League TV rights, it wouldn’t have been reported on at all lol

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Bolton and Cambridge both lost, so still got a shot at automatic promotion. should make for a good final weekend :slight_smile:

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What’s it like following real football?

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He doesn’t know - it’s League 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

refreshing. there’s hope, reasons for excitement, players and managers and even some owners who genuinely give a shit. and there’s so much less bullshit. no hype, no media, no pundits and commentators trying to sell a narrative or condescend to explain football to me or dictate a wikipedia page of ‘relevant’ facts for two hours a week. It’s less effort, low stress, and more rewarding just watching or listening when i can and catching up when i can’t.

i hoped premier league football might be more entertaining as a neutral, but it mostly feels…sterile? VAR and the increased delays throughout the matches increasingly make it feel more like watching NFL, which i just find boring. And while it’s not the league’s fault, i find fake stadium noise almost as irritating as the commentary it’s now failing to hide.

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Dalian Atkinson murder trial: Ex-footballer Tasered and kicked - BBC News

utter utter fucking cunts. :rage: :rage: :rage:


God that’s a depressing line-up

I bet its given to Bruce for getting Newcastle out the shit.

Nuetral, the Championship is the most exciting division, with a massive reward if you one of the lucky 3, to come out successful at the end.