Football Talk 20/21

Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett was told by Southgate before the press conference not to ask about Grealish.

Did Grealish shag his misses or something? Maybe he’s been around John Terry too much…


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Perfect for the England team then…

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Actually could be a blessing not to be picked for England especially in the current climate of quarantines…

And chance to rest

Suspended sentence…

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Messi has requested to leave Barca.

He has a 700 million release clause…

What. The. Fuck.

Apparently though, he has a sub-clause that at the end of each season he can leave Barca for free if he wants to go. So he might go on a free… but Barca are saying that it isn’t the end of the season due to Covid, so the original clause is active.

Still. 700 million.

Da Faq?

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Lots of Spanish clubs have massive causes in players contracts because of how their tra sfwr system works. Its more to put People off

“Puts people off”

Didn’t stop PSG buying Neymar… lol - What was it? £200M?

That is true. Though think its more to do with the way they work their transfers. You don’t pay the club but pay the Spanish fa who then pay the club

It’s all a bit dodge. Neymar paid his own transfer didn’t he? something wierd like that to avoid FFP.

Going back to Grealish… saw this on Twitter.


Grealish has to have shagged multiple members of Soughgate’s family. Look at Winks stats! (I know he was crocked) - but OMG.


Ainsley Maitland-Niles called up…


Yep. No chip on Southgate’s shoulder. What did Jack do to him?

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I honestly would like to know. I’m happy for AMN, but Grealish 100% deserves a spot more than a lot of them.


Reading the Villa forums raises a good point - Jack is a lad like Gascoigne, Ince, McManaman, Sheringham, Shearer were in '96 - which was Southgate’s first tournament. Southgate is straight-laced and doesn’t want disruptive elements (although Jack as grown up a LOT in the last 3 years) to effect the team.

What a crock of shit. If he has got a chip due to attitude he’s a muppet - because well, we nearly won Euro 96 because the team gelled really well… if it wasn’t for… him lol

Naaaah can’t be ! He’s chosen Dele Alli, he’s a troublemaker.

Edit - Whatever he’s done… It must be bad to not be able to put it behind him for the sake of football.

La Liga has said Messi can’t leave on a free and his contract stands…


Grealish called up

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Well fuck me.

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Lol.just lol.

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Not a bad transfer window so far, if we can offload Ozils wages, get Ceballos back on loan and nab Partey :ok_hand:

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Didn’t see that coming.

Multiple ITK accounts are saying Sergio Ramero is a done deal to Villa.

As long as it isn’t part-payment for Grealish, it’d be a fantastic bit of business for us, regardless of ages. Heaton is crocked still, but having those two between the sticks would be awesome.