Football Talk 20/21

Ceballos back for another season loan, I think he’ll likely stay after this one !

Havertz is finally across the finish line… just need a keeper to challenge Cabellero (oops, meant Kepa :wink: )

Wolves have done a cracking buy. :clap:

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35mil for an 18 year old. Very brave. It is great move… wee bit jealous - Wolves really have their shit together.


Greenwood and Foden probably going to get sent home and miss Denmark match due to breaking covid rules (brings girls back to their hotel room lol).

If Grealish has been getting the cold shoulder from Southgate because of part indiscretions, then I think he needs to be forgiven…

He’ll maybe start now tonight. Hoping Phillips gets some game time. From what little I watched of the England match the other night hes twice the player Rice is

I think Grealish, Philips, Maitland-Niles would be fantastic. I think playing for England means something to them. Some of these younger players from Man Utd/Citee/Spurs are all a bit… spoilt. I don’t mean they are untalented - but they need to know their spots are up for the taking.

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Newcastle seems to have done some good business - picking up Bournemouth players. Same as Wolves.

I’m worried about Villa. We definitely need a striker and a keeper. No exceptions. I’d take Romero and Watkins. I think Wesley will come good too once fit. Good to have McGinn back - but we are literally one injury from being in a relegation fight again next season.

Teams that we should be competing against, like Newcastle, Southampton, Everton, WestHam, Leeds have all strengthened well.

We. have. done. nothing.

@VirulentPip - Apparently we’re in for Emi Martinez. Didn’t even know who he played for lol. Apparently Arsenal.

Any good? 20 million likely to be enough?

Dude, seriously? He’s been at arsenal for over a decade. Finally got his chance when Leno was injured, didn’t do a thing wrong.

It’s the internet. Probably full of ****. But we are in need of a keeper because Heaton is well out of it - so it’d be a starting position, which would be appealing for any reserve keeper i’d have thought.

He’d be fantastic for any team… as much as I rate Leno… I’d personally keep Emi between the sticks, let Leno prove himself again during European games, cup matches etc.

Arsenal want 20M, Villa are reluctant… shouldn’t be - he was impressive in the Cup Final - was hoping Chelsea would have nabbed him :frowning:

20mill isn’t a problem… We’ve got 100-150mil available. Wages and FFP might be more of an issue because we were in the Championship for three seasons.

To be honest, Judging by reactions, I’d pay 25 for him and get it done… But if he wants 100k a week, it won’t happen.

Everton and Newcastle are playing a risky game. I was reading a report and Everton’s books are terrible, with debt ls paid off by owners… Huge wages (even more now and more to follow) they are doing things like charging 30 million for the naming rights on their new stadium that hasn’t had construction started on it yet. With covid-19 and gate sales non existent, they really need to be pushing top 6 to get into Europe… They’ve been pretty poor of late.

It might look good for Newcastle picking up ex-Bournemouth players, certainly some good talent… But five year contracts on high wages is a gamble. I don’t forsee Newcastle in a religation scrape, but if they don’t gel, it’s a long term commitment.

I’m really worried about Villa. We need a keeper,at least one striker, a wingerand then maybe some frigging depth. I’m hoping we push some youth up too - Ramsey as scored twice against Arsenal in a friendly… I know not full strength teams, but the fact he can find the net is a good thing :slight_smile:

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Apparently busts up between Moyes, Gold and Brady at WestHam. Moyes could walk if rumours are to be believed (bullshit - get sacked and get a better pay out).

Still. Lol.

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Not surprised. Even noble was raging after a talented youngster was sold. Posted about it on twitter. Things aren’t great over at West Ham

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Villa close to agreeing deal for Ollie Watkins from Brentford. 28 mill plus 5 mill in add ons

Yeah, just saw on BBC.

Very expensive - but realistically, what can we do? Avoided relegation last season by a point. Good manager, but not like Ancelotti who can attract big name players. We’re paying over the odds - but at the end of the day, if he can get goals and we stay up another season it’ll be worth it. The positive is I believe all of his 26 goals last season were from open play - no pens. That’s impressive, and shows he can find the net. That’s been Villa’s biggest issue - getting someone who can actually put the ball in the net.

If he has a good season, an English striker will go for upward of £60mil+ so 30 is nothing.

Good new for Exeter. They’ve got a sell on clause. Should be a nice payday for them.

Figures crossed personal terms are dealt with smoothly.

Nice article on Grealish

Jack Grealish: He has made mistakes but is England midfielder misunderstood? -

Read that… well, most of it.

Got annoyed by:

Pisses me off this idea that Villa are holding him back from joining a top 6 team because we value him at 80 million and his constant dream has been to play for Man Utd.

Absolute bullshit. Have they heard his accent? He’s Brumie through and through. He loves Villa. He’s the captain of the team he loves and the fans love him. Why would he want to be a squad player at Utd? The mainstream sports media do my head in.

As far he’s concerned, Villa is a big club. We’ve won a European Cup and lots of other highend silverware. There is a 5 year plan to get us back up to the top levels where you don’t have to worry about being relegated. Do they not think he might want to be part of that?

Succeed with Villa, they’ll name a bloody stadium after him.
Succeed with Utd and he’ll get a winners medal (maybe) to get dusty in a bedroom drawer.

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