Football Talk 20/21

…Of course. Could be worse. Could be Man Utd.


Well thank you Newcastle and looks like spurs should go second

Well, Leicester bring Leeds back to earth in the same way Leeds did to us.

This is a crazy season.

Dont you just love these crazye wee coincidental stats that crop up.

City miss penalty against Liverpool by putting the ball wide, it was the first time a penalty didnt hit the target in the premier league in 2 years. With last one in the same fixture. Bizzarre

McGinn scores after 48 seconds.

VAR overturns it 5 minutes later.

What the fuck.

4 Minutes for Bribe transaction to go through.

In fairness - I just saw the goal. I see the argument that regardless of Barkley that was never going to be saved… but he was moving just off the eyeline of the keeper and was fractionally offside. It’s a tough one to call - Disallow the goal, Villa are hard done by. Allow the goal, Arsenal are hard done by.

I think keeping to the letter of the law, it was the correct decision - many will disagree because it wasn’t a pass, it was a shot.



You know what is funny. As a Villa Fan. Even at 88 minutes… 3-0 up. I’m still thinking…

“We can throw this away”

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But what a result - I mean this deserves a huge WOW!

Holy shit Germany got spanked WTF

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck VAR.

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Game we should have won! Usual story for Leeds! Pepe a very silly boy!

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Not even gonna try argue that, we didn’t deserve a point, going forward was woeful! Not sure what was going through Pepe’s mind then, stoopid.

Liverpool would be top of the league after tonight’s win on goal difference… but sadly they are 7 goals behind…

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Jus’ saying. Seven.


Decent match that! Thought we deserved it. At one point thought it was going to be another arsenal match

What a fucking joke.