Football Talk 21/22

Arsenal starting the pre-season by pissing off more fans!!

Preseason friendlies have been free to air for as long as I can remember… Fucking Sigh.

Hmm toughy. But they have been deprived of revenue from stadia for a while have they not?

I really couldn’t care less… It’s just pure greed.

Edit - Stans net worth actually went up around $1B over the last 18 months.


Haha true.

Mind you not missing much v Hibs! 2-0 down, keeper howler! Ooft.

Haha yeah well 2-1 now… Watching some foreign stream :rofl: Pen saved too… Start as they mean to go on :pensive:

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Twitter seems to think this is Gylfi sigurdsson, but as yet, still un-named…

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The memes have started. I’ve got some amount already

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Was it these memes hammy? I got sent them by a bluenose :joy:


So as expected, Grealish in talks with City. Probably going to go through and from what I’ve read, led by his agent… might be a means to get a better Villa contract though… and the hype does betting companies no end of good… so who knows.

Obviously he can go where he wants… but there will be a LOT of anger from Villa fans. Sure, he’s helped us to where we are, but equally a LOT of work has been done to make him the player he is, as well as deal with all his stupid Jack The Lad days — and frankly, built a team around him.

To just take a payday at City at sit on their bench is just stupid imho.

But is he really? He’s going to a club challenging every year for the league and playing champions league. Yes he would have played more at villa but he’ll be playing to a higher standard at City and in Europe which should lead to him getting better and playing more for England. For me, it’s a no brainer.

Hes done his but for villa (as have they for him) will villa get to city’s level in the next few years, probably not so good time for him to move at this stage in his career

Completely disagree matey, City are only where they are at because of ridiculous funds from state owners and completely flouting FFP rules and then receiving the tamest of punishments, because the whole thing is corrupt. There is nothing special about them. If he was going to Liverpool it’d make more sense…

Birmingham lacks a top level team. Wolves is technically The Black Country and Leicester is East Midlands. Being the countries second city, there is a lot going for it and the current owners, who are filthy rich are aiming to get us in the top 6 and into Europe.City have only won in Europe once, just like Villa - Both 40+ years ago.

If you had a Geordie turn down a move to a big club because he wanted to play for his beloved NewCastle like, oo - Shearer, no one would question it. Yet Villa - nah, the lad is born and bred Villa - he obviously wants to get out of there… obviously wants to move to a big club and live in Manchester.

MSM do my head in.

I hope he stays at Villa, make the team great again, get some more funding etc. As Villa are actually more successful in the League than City are… Heck Everton are… Money money money… City are only a “big” club in recent years, they have zero history… Staying at Villa or going to Liverpool/United would be better than City in my eyes.


Hate people saying that. They do have history, every club has history. City have been up and down loads in the past. Where a big(ish) club that fell on hard times and where lucky that someone invested in them. Yes, they have all that money being thrown at them now and others don’t like it. Why? Because their club can’t do the same.

Money has ruined football, we all know that but just have to except it now. Players aren’t worth the money they are paid or the money paid for them and their is little to no loyalty in football now.

Maybe wrong choice in words sure, it’s not only the fact all the money is being thrown at them… It’s as Jester says, they get zero punishment or very little punishment from breaching FFP rules, you could say the same goes for PSG, there’s no way they can afford all those wages while not breaking FFP rules for their league.

I 100% agree money has ruined football, which is why I stand by wanting Grealish to not choose the biggest pay packet and play for the club he has passion for, have the youngsters set a president going forward, wishful thinking? Very much so haha.

I get that but at the same time, footballers have short career’s, why not make the most of it? Would I rather players didn’t move for the money yes, can I blame them, no.

You just described Villa. We’re a big club. We fell on hard times through the Learner years, and then the Tony Xia joke… but now we are stable with owners that are experienced and are happy to invest - not just on the team, but on facilities and youth.Its the MSM that think that the only clubs that matter are in Manchester, Liverpool and North London.

In fairness, you also described Leeds.

On the other side of the coin, £100 million is just fucking barmy for a player that has missed half of two seasons in the last 5 due to a reoccurring muscle injury that will probably return due to the nature of his game…

Also, Sky (Soccer AM) mocking up players in other teams kit is totally disrespectful. Pricks.


As happy as I am… 50M is crazy money…


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