For a usual week, when are you available for online gaming?

For a normal week (not a holiday), when are you normally available for gaming?

  • Every Day, Afternoon, Evening
  • Only Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Don’t play on Mondays
  • Mon-Thurs Evenings Only
  • Only Friday Evenings
  • Only Sunday
  • Only Saturday
  • I don’t play online any more
  • Only Available during the day.
  • Only online if I remember

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Sadly there is nothing usual about my gaming timings. Sometimes I can be good for every evening for a week, other times nothing. Sometimes weekend is good, others it’s entirely spent with my daughter…still not really settled back into UK life and still finding homes for boxes of things which don’t have anywhere to go yet.

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Understandable - you have been away for years! Just not used to the customs yet

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