Fortnite introduces PvP mode

The co-operative survival-building game has just announced the creation of a PVP mode in the form of Battle Royale, due to be fully released on the 26th of September this year.

Following the rising popularity of similar Battle Royale games like Player Unknown Battleground, Fortnite puts you in a huge wilderness arena against 100 other online competitors. Starting with just basic tools, you have to scavenge for weapons to ensure your survival.

However, unlike other BR type games, Fortnite also gives you the ability to mine resources and build… so you can actually encamp yourself in a building with traps and other devices to protect yourself and kill your enemies.

The mode is currently in beta test. A launch video is available to watch below.

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My plan has been to pick this up at this point. I was very tempted to buy in to the ‘beta-ery’ thingy they’ve done but the loot box (Pinatas) thing/general micro transactions approach they’ve taken and the way the grind works just didn’t sit well with me given the buy-in price and the fact that it was going F2P shortly after this weird soft release they’ve done.

Did any one else buy in?

One thing I’ll say about this that finally persuaded me not to buy in and instead wait for F2P release: The base building, at least in the first 20 or so hours of the game is redundant. Almost everything I was seeing showed players avoiding base building in favor of using the the resources for other things like ammo (I think? Definitely a player specific resources of some kind).

You do upgrade a home base that you do sometimes have to defend, but in these missions and the world missions camping the spawn with maybe a wall or two to hide behind was very much the norm.

Hopefully they have/will change this, atleast so it features more prominently in the ‘early game’.

I play the game pretty much constantly, there was a big post in the last forum from me. Well … what to say, the core gameplay is fun as fuck, the loot system atrocious and they have no clue what balancing is.

After around power level 30 (15h+), traps become more important and after level 45ish (where I’am right now) you can’t live without them, unless you have like 4 soldiers which murder everything.

The class balance in the game is dumb. The Ninja while supposed the be the backliner and a glasscanon, can’t take a hit late game, dies a lot which costs large amounts of sparse ressources and barely does more damage then the soldier, mostly less. Beside the soldier can also fight everything from save distance! All of this due to dumb enemy types which are over powered (BEES NOT THE BEEEEES), simply poor skill design and balance and crazy amounts of enemies.

The Outlander while kinda useful, doesn’t really shine in most missions, lacks CC/damage and is barely worth the faster ressource farm in most mission types. Unless you do quick missions to farm ressources, where you ignore the mission goal, basically just farm ressources you need to build traps and weapons with, he doesn’t has much use.

The Constructor is the only real alternative late game to the soldier, but only if you had luck and got some good traps or a really good constructor variant.

Play soldier, all the time, everytime, late game and you are mostly fine. The other classes while fun, I love my ninja, are simply not worth playing or have to big drawbacks.

Traps, barely do damage late game anymore, due to absurd enemy scaling, Unfortunately, caused by the sheer amount of enemies (1000+ in one mission no problem) they are needed, otherwise you run out of ammo. Sure the ninja with its melee weapon could counter that, but even NORMAL non elemental enemy types can one shot you. This is mainly caused by the crazy percentage of elemental enemies which have high resistances to certain damage types BUT traps only come in 2 damage types right now, and only one of them is an actual elemental type doing 100% to ONE of the 3 types, otherwise 25 or 75%.

Include the unwillingness of the developer to listen to their founder testers (and previous the alpha testers which said similar things) to implement much needed changes to class balance, game balance and the stupid loot system and you get the idea of what mess this game is in right now. Not everything beside the stupid loot system, is apparent right away, most of it starts in plankerton mid way (10-15h in).

Certain ressources are super rare so you have to farm them BEFORE you start certain mission types. Experience to level up your weapons/traps, stats and hero is only available as mission rewards and not from actual killing stuff, so you rush mission to gather them quicker.

Funny enough there are FIVE different exp systems in the game, a) one for killing stuff giving global stat boost or skills, one for leveling classes which not only gives slight stat boosts but also new class specific skills, one for your survivors which give stat point. Lastl one regenerates points over time that you have to gather by clicking on your main base each time you login (the storage lasts for maybe around 12 h or so, after that you are waisting that ressouce).

Furthermore EVERY hero variant, traps, weapons or survivor comes in different rarities which sort of a soft caps how far you can level them. Beside they have boosted base stats too, which are of course also random. For certain levels you unlock new perks, like for example a new skills for your hero, or higher crit chance for your trap/weapon. So if the rarityis lower, you also won’t get as much perks… .

The new mission type while sounding amazing is a nighmare. With up to 4h+ CONTINOUS playtime and lots of crashes most peopel don’t wanna touch them anymore. Beside the huge time invesment they also require insane amounts of ressorces, that you have to farm before hand! They are being already patched like 3 times and still cause massive problems!(4?). Some people also lost in the last 30s as they had some dumb bug (mostly bone throwers spawning UNDER the map and klilling the base).

I love the core gameplay BUT I can’t recommend buying the game. While addicting and fun I have the feeling they might fuck it up, if they don’t change the game mechanics or tweak certain aspects as it defintely has glaring issues. I’m around 40-50h in I guess? Most infuriating is the loot system! Schematics needed to rebuilt items, are ONLY obtained in loot boxes. Early on you get quite a few and you gain lots of ingame currency from doing quest and other stuff to buy them. Later on that dries out super quickly. Furthermore lootboxes are VERY RNG dependent, so you might not even get something good.

Maybe the whole community is wrong and we all post feedback in the forums about nothing, maybe they have a major patch in mind to fix most issues, I really hope they have. Otherwise the game is dead when the FTP release comes, or short after.

Still a the end building my own homebase and see how it grows or getting a new upgrade for my hero, or actually getting a new hero IS SO GOOD and still addicting as ever. Too bad the developers have apperantly their head in the sand.

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