Fox Sake Games Request

As you may or may not know - but should know hehe - I have relaunched a game store. I’m on the verge of being a limited company again, I’ve secured a Royal Mail account again and sorted all the other operations and logistics involved - including being able to clean/fix discs as I have mentioned before another forum section.

The plan this time around is to focus on 2nd hand games (yep - I know its a saturated market that is becoming digital) and to help raise money for wildlife charities. It’s all based on eBay at the moment.

Now, I have one source of stock and I hope to have a more direct second source coming soon. However, it also makes sense for me to ask your guys. If you’ve got any old console games lying in draws or cupboards that you haven’t used for years and don’t want anymore - Then can I ask that you donate them to me? I’ll pay for the postage and generate a label to my PO Box.

Doesn’t matter what it is, for whatever console - old as you like, in whatever state (well, not shattered or cracked lol) - But if it scratched to fook - no problem, I have a machine that can fix that. If its missing its box, no problem either.

Normally, I give 10% to charity (over the gross price, so before fees and postage - It’s not the best way of doing it, but the only way eBay allows) - But anything you guys donate, I’ll increase to 20%.

Money goes to Wildlife Charities. I’ve supports the Wildlife Haven in Yorkshire so far, and just started supporting HART Wildlife Rescue in Hampshire. Raised around £300 in the first month or so - and I really hope to expand on in the next 12 months. If it takes off as I hope, then i’ll be forming a charitable trust to work alongside the business.

If you have anything, PM me and I’ll sort postage.

Thanks and much love,



I’ll have a dig around over the weekend and let you know mate.

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Cheeeers bud :slight_smile:

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Just console or old PC games too? as I think I got some stuff laying about in storage?

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Generally just console - mainly because the CD Keys with most PC games are single use and linked to an account. Cheers matey :slight_smile:

what about super old PC games with no account stuff, just a CD key?

but ok cool, Ill go over my old shizzle and let thee know :slight_smile:

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Yeah, super old PC stuff is good - have sold a few now like original Populous, Monkey Island - stuff like that. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Il have a look. But think I’m hanging on to my stuff. Coz you know like hoarding n that.


I could have a look when I’m back in Germany. I think I have plenty unused ones lying around but they are all PC!

I can have a look in the attic when I get back home, that might be 2022 the way things are going

Cheers guys! - Much appreciated :slight_smile:

erm…i may have a bag full of xbox games you can have?

Ill list em…

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Cheers @Alji06 :slight_smile:

For anyone looking to send games, remember I will pay your postage - so just PM me.

Would any CD keys be OK? I have tons from Humble bundle stuff over the years (you may remember that list I put up a while back!) Im more than happy to pass the keys to you!?!

Cheers @Takagi, but I’m staying out of that market - at least at the moment. Thanks though :slight_smile:

I’ve got a load of the ‘Sold out software’ PC releases if they’re any good to you?

This sort of stuff you could pick up on stands in Asda:


I can list off what I’ve got and what the key situation is if you’re interested boss?

I’ve had a dig for my console stuff, but I’m finding a lot of cases with no discs so will have to take a trip to my dads. When I know what I’ve got in that regard I’ll post up.

Cheers for the offer mate - but there is no value in those games, mainly because CD Keys get tied to Steam/Origin accounts and can’t be reused. It’s really console games that I am focused on.

The Sold Out Software ones?

I’ve got a mixture of them with some that don’t require keys and others that have stand-alone keys that can’t be activated on Steam/other platforms - are they any good to you?

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You know what, you may well be right. I’m not sure what license Sold Out may have negotiated with Westwood/EA - I forget that actually some of these game were back in the day before everything was linked to a cloud/distribution platform… ahh happy days…

Anything you have mate, I’ll be happy to have. :slight_smile: Thank you

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