FREE COPY of The witcher enahanced Edition

if you want it lemme know your emial and you get set one on GoG already have it and get it free with a promo i have so it’s up for grabs


Nice shout Reno!

I have it already myself, but well worth picking up for anyone interested in getting into the Wither series.

Hey Reno…wouldn’t mind it if no one else is really desperate for it. Do look the like of it

Is this for the first Witcher or for the latest Witcher 3?


This is the first Witcher @st00kz is that the own your after?

Rest matey…but if some one else REALLY wants it…then they can…but if not…thx :slight_smile:

first come first serve @st00kz PM your email and i can send it over im back from work now

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I’ve got them all dude - was just trying help with the clarity :smiley:


thx muchly Reno…