Free windows based recovery software for Mac file system?

A colleague’s external drive flopped it when they backed up their staff area which is now inaccessible because of some network issues - the drive is detectable but can’t be read, showing as a blank drive until you try to do anything with it. He found some recovery software that found the files but then wanted a fortune to actually recover them.

He’s asked me to have a look but I use Recuva which doesn’t support Mac file systems and I can’t find a free windows-based recovery option that supports Mac file systems.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’ve told him he might have to send it off to be recovered professionally but wanted to see if I can save him a couple of hundred quid.

He not run Time Machine on his Mac?

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My bad, didn’t read External Drive.

Don’t know any software off hand because I’ve never had to recover before… and I have everything backed up in triplicate as a minimum.

Might need a specialist. Is the hard drive failing to recognise (as in controller failure) or is the head bumping?

This is an interesting watch: But I by no means recommend self-recovery…

Second LLT video I’ve linked to in 2 days… oh dear.

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Turns out it is in xFat so Recuva will work - the IT support team have it backing up with Recuva now. Thanks though boss!

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You owe me lunch too. You can’t just throw that guys face up in places people might look and not take responsibility for it.

I don’t really watch him often but I have seen a few comments about people disliking him - is he a bell or something?

I’m not sure why he gets a lot of hate. His voice can go through you a bit - and the channel has become more ‘cheesy’ than it used to. But regardless, there are some good videos in there.

A lot of hatred is just jealousy.

I am definitely jealous of the gear that guy has access to and gets sent all of the time…

That does require work though - Intel/Corsair/AMD etc etc don’t just mail it out willy-nilly. He built up a YT channel to make it worth their while.

The thing you have to remember is that Linus started doing videos because his old employer, NCIX, asked him to do unboxing videos etc. They went bust and he continued it as a hobby - but now it is beyond that, and he’ll admit himself that it’s gone from being something that was a bit of fun to a full blown business that employs people… and that knowledge that you literally provide the money that keeps people’s bills paid and food on the table. That comes with great stress… and he can’t just pack it up and call it a day if he has had enough…

I believe they (as in his media group) are starting a separate venture to rival niche areas of YT in the near future too.


Scratch that - Recuva wants you to buy a premium subscription to recover once it has discovered the files so I’ll give that video a try.

A brief bit on Linus

It’s entirely possible all those comments are mine. And to confirm, in my opinion yes he is a bell or something. I don’t want that misrepresented as popular opinion; i don’t know or care what the general publics feelings about him are, as i don’t know those people and therefore struggle to relate to them at a contextual level.

i don’t have an issue with the content so much as his delivery. I couldn’t have a conversation with someone who speaks like that, it feels like he’s a kids TV presenter in the 80s and he kept figuring he’d do another line because no one can tell.

Unfortunately his videos frequently crop up if i search for certain things, and then there’ll be 20-30 seconds of the information i’m looking for surrounded by endless banal shit.

watch the first five seconds of this and tell me that’s how human beings behave:

the guys a fucking lunatic. it’s like he’s read that human beings sometimes use hand gestures, facial expressions, or emphasise particular words, and he’s just randomly throwing all those things together on the assumption that if he just keeps doing it and speaking at a quick-but-not-too fast pace no one will fucking notice.

Stop gently putting your hand on the thing you’re talking about; you’re standing next to it in a video specifically about it, i don’t need the frequent reinforcement that that is the thing you say it is. It’s like when a TV chef refers to an ingredient and has to show you a pre-prepared bowl of it, lift/tilt it to the camera or make a physical gesture with it. If someone doesn’t know what fucking eggs look like or what colour flour/salt/sugar are then you’re not targeting the right audience.

I suspect a lot of this comes from the patronising attitude that a lot of instructional material chooses to take, especially if that attitude is maintained long term, as that indicates you’re teaching people stuff but they’re not learning anything, or you’re assuming they’re not, so you explain the same things repeatedly.

All the reading stats out, most of which are never referenced to by the thing the ‘guide’ is actually about, it’s just a guy rambling through a list of specs for the sake of appearing intelligent, but that’s shit anyone can read off a page, so the intelligence on show is ‘being able to google and read aloud’.

That video’s one of the few i’ve sat through so i could get some example BIOS settings that make up some 60-90 seconds of the 15 minute video.

Again, S:N is shot to hell, there’s too much in the video that’s of little relevance (very few overclockers are first time overclockers, and even fewer try their first overclocking on relatively high-end hardware). the sooner something learns to parse all the useful information out of the internet into an easily engaged (natural language, or at least wolfram alpha) form the better.

admit? He’s intentionally made it that. it didn’t develop into what it is by accident, and he didn’t do it so he could put food on people’s tables, he did it to get more than he had for himself. that’s greed. The fact he’s put effort in doesn’t make that not greed, that’s how greedy people satisfy their greed. the fact it pays other people doesn’t change that, that’s something greedy people use to deflect attention from their greed.

because it’s impossible for a greedy person to get enough money? of course he can, he has multiple options available where he could check out and leave the business intact and the people employed. Find a suitable buyer, find someone suitable to run the business in his stead while retaining ownership, partner with suitable people/businesses that can provide whatever he feels he needs relief from that’s necessary for the businesses survival. All of those things can be found, and the more money he’d be willing to sacrifice into that equation the more he’s likely to get out of it (might find a better owner by lowering the price, paying more for a better person to run the business). What he can’t do is maximise his own financial gain while maintaining control and responsibility while also backing out so he’s not having to do whatever it is that makes it difficult or challenging for him. Which is fair enough.

To be clear, this isn’t a personal attack, i feel like you’re trying to engender sympathy for the guy, and i’m really struggling to see why? Has he said he’s ‘had enough’, or indicated that he doesn’t enjoy every minute/dollar of it, or that it’s taking some toll on him that he isn’t willingly undertaking because of the benefits to himself of continuing to do so? The video you linked here isn’t a guide or tutorial, it’s an advert for a specific data recovery product. Did he do that because he felt he had a responsibility to, or did he do it for the money?

Also, i try to keep my ZiiP experience (along with every other experience in my life) as ad-free as possible.

Do you not have access to any other mac you could plug it into? I’ve not had to recover a disk on osx but looking for recommendations had be suggests Disk Drill(which looks ok but is $89; less than the couple of hundred quid option but probably still not too appealing). Have you suggested they could pay for professional recovery and then given them the ‘this is the cost of not having sufficient backups’ talk?

I know it’s not helpful, but if you like take some solace in the fact recovering an ntfs partition from an external drive on a mac can also be a real pain right up until you install windows.

Our opinion on Linus obviously differ. I’m not a fanboi - I agree with your point on his over enthusiastic mannerisms. Fair enough. But I don’t see him motivated by greed. Obviously businesses need to make money. That’s what businesses do. I understand he didn’t start a business to pay staff. But I do think he understands his responsibility of being in charge of a business that people rely on.

But there you go. We’ll agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

I always just associate Linus as the guy who drops really expensive hardware at conventions :smiley:

Feels like I’ve opened a can of worms here!

He irritates me but I don’t know much of anything about him aside from the crazy amount of new gear he has/gets access to and that he’s a bit odd.

On the recovery topic - I’ve had the chat about back ups with the guy and convinced him to start making use of google drive more frequently along side his HD and the staff resource area (which is backed up frequently).

The drive is currently restoring to the school network with the free version of Recuva - we’ve told him he’ll have to cough up for the premium version or send the drive off if he needs the corrupted/partial files restored.

I haven’t gotten to the bottom of what happened but given that the vast majority of the files are not damaged and the drive is not ticking/skipping it seems like the drive has been formatted. This makes me think he’s plugged it in to a windows machine, was prompted the drive was iffy and has clicked the ‘format’ option absent mindedly.

Hopefully the terror of thinking he’s lost 7 years of work will force him to be more concerned with back ups.

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There are so many reasons why I keep my work backed up in triplicate!

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I guess that’s me told then, heaven forbid anyone ever has a discussion.

I’ve switched to not having anything worth keeping. It’s so liberating! It’s not that i don’t have backups, i just don’t want to have to use them if it comes to that.

I really wasn’t attempting to stiffle conversation… but I could forsee that we have differing opinions and rather than going around in circles with potential arguments, I figured that over something as trival as LLT, it probably wasn’t worth it. There would be no right or wrong, only opinion.

aye, i appreciate that. I felt i’d explained why i think/feel the way i do, and i was hoping you’d reciprocate that so i could understand better where you’re coming from. No interest in determining right or wrong, that’s not what i was aiming for, and i felt you were stating your position and then skipping over any of the underlying reasoning which is a missed opportunity.

To be clear, i wanted to understand your thinking better rather than it being particularly about LTT, although if there’s something relevant i’m not aware of then by all means make me aware.

Also, LLT? Is this the whole Long Lange Rifle from Arma 3 all over again?

Also also i can’t help but giggle when i read ‘stiffle’, so thanks for that :smiley:

And i hate that i feel the need to point it out, but i’m not strawman-ing you with an attack on your typing ability, mine is far worse, that brought a genuine smile to my face.

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