Freegame: Company of Heroes 2

The humble store is giving away COH2, base game only I assume, while keys last.


Nice one Ronan! :slight_smile:

Yep thx Ronin. Christmas come early :slight_smile:

Best bit, you can drop resupply crates while muttering about killstreaks and pretend you’re the commander of a group of COD WWII players.


Can anyone enlighten me on exactly what linking my Steam account entails?

I’ve been looking to pick up COH2 on Steam for a while but I’m a bit iffy about linking accounts for any reason.

You shouldn’t have to link a damn thing.

You should get an email sent to you, redeem the code and it sends you the key for the game activation.

Or do you mean there is some linking in-game?

Nope, tried to redeem it from the above link and it says I can’t redeem the game without linking my Steam account?!