Frickin' "June Bug"

So I visited my mum recently and unearthed this beauty from the early '90’s:

“June Bug” is the internal codename given to the machine when it was in development and another interesting fact is that some motherboards have Amiga 300 on them as that is what it was going to be called before they decided to call it the 600!

This one has a chip memory expansion giving it 2MB to play with and it’ll load a fully windowed multitasking OS (workbench) with room to spare! Compare that to the amount of memory even old versions of windows needs and it plays games too which is mostly what I used to do with it! :smiley:

I plan to clean it up and resto-mod it and am debating whether I “retro brite” it as that is harsh on the plastics and its remarkably white for an Amiga as old as this thing is!

It still works too:

(Yes that is a CRT TV!)

Mod plans are:

  • Gotek USB floppy emulator mounted internally so I can load disk images from a USB stick instead of using ageing floppy disks. The gotek even has a buzzer to make the noises that the drive would have made! :smiley:

  • Compact flash hard disk drive for it to boot workbench (the Amiga OS) from so I can load games from there too.

  • Maybe an S-Video out mod

I’m also going to look at an accelerator card to upgrade the CPU and RAM further!

I’ll update this thread as I go along as its been a while since I have done any Amiga related stuff so I need to re-learn a bunch of stuff!

I can’t believe she still works as Commodore used really cheap shit capacitors to keep the costs down so with that in mind I’ll probably have to re-cap it but mine is not showing any bad capacitor signs which is quite frankly amazing! :smiley:


Don’t try to clean the plastic to get the original colour back. That can turn in to a disaster.

I’ll probably not do it to be honest due to it requiring sunlight and or UV lighting systems…not much sun here and I’m not buying UV lights for one thing!

I’m going to remove the keys to get the dirt off them and use isopropenol alcohol to clean it.

IPA is safe on the plastic used for these computers :slight_smile:


I love everything about this. Commodore VIC 20 is where I cut my programming teeth.


I might hoke out my old c64 to see if it still turns on


Well jell Cheddles, my true intro to PC’s was the Amiga 500+ (up’ed to 1 Meg of ram via previous owner) I’m 99% sure my dad still has 2 500+'s up in the loft (On mine the colour chip died so everyrhing was only in b&w) & the familt C^4