Friday or Saturday Night - BF1 - Anyone interested?


Anyone interested in playing BF1 this Friday or Saturday evening?


    • Friday Night (from 7:30ish)
    • Saturday evening (from 5.30ish)
    • Can make both
    • No thanks

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Don’t have the game, so voted accordingly. I played the Alpha, wasn’t overly impressed by the gameplay, but was by the engine.

Its a shame as the game is really good fun; it probably doesn’t for hardcore only players. (I know I used to be one of them).

Nowt to do with that, I just didn’t enjoy the mechanics throughout the few hours that I played.

yeah, as with battlefront the beta was the worst map in the game and i didn’t enjoy it. also it ran like shit. which is a shame, because since launch operations has been almost everything i could want in a battlefield game, albeit still far too much sniping.

I should be about, playing whatever folks are playing.

i said sat but it’s an iff as i have my niece and nephews for the weekend so i donno if i’l get time

Yeah I know. No probs if you can’t. Rogue said he could make Friday so just another game :slight_smile:

Well let’s try for Saturday evening around 5:30-6pm start and go from there.

Good games all - was nice to have a squad together :slight_smile: