G-sync compatible monitors

Some interesting news from Nvidia regarding G-sync.
They will start supporting AMD freesync following the scheduled driver update on the 15th of January.
There is only a list of 12 compatible monitors at the moment but the Eurogamer article mentions that any monitor can be tested by a user if they have a 10 series or higher card.


Perhaps people could let us know if their monitor supports this when it rolls out next week.

  • G-sync compatible (yes)
  • G-sync compatible (no)

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Bah, vited too soon! ignore mine. I have a G Sync monitor, not a Freesync monitor that is now compatable with G Sync…

Not overly concerned about this. Happy with my recent monitor purchase. Probably could have saved some money though but hey, cant keep putting things off waiting for the next best deal as I would never purchase anything.

Ah fuk that! Just checked the freesync version of my monitor is on their and £200 cheaper!! bastids! bastids!bastids! Could have bought new ram for that.

Ah scrub that! thats the FHD version. Not 2k model. phew.


HAHAHAHHAHA!! Fantastic!

I have no idea wtf this all means :slight_smile:


Yeah saw the news yesterday, I can’t wait to test mine, I’ll let you know if it works. If it does it would be fantastic as I love it so much. Super thin bezels, 4k UHD, freesynch and color calibrated, the main reason I bought it rather than gaming (LG 27UD68-W)

The gsynch monitors are always more expensive, as gsynch used to require an additonal hardware modul, freesynch is mostly software based. That explains the significant price difference between them (and nvidias greed).

For pants!


I got Freesync. And an Nvidia card. Bah. For a week, it seems.

no idea… sorry

Here’s a Google Doc list of monitors courtesy of reddit

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Tested with my Samsung LC34F791WQUXEN 34 with Freesync and the Nvidia Pendulum demo ran without flickering. Have not yet tested with any game thought.

Edit: Flickers in-game

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There was an update from nvidia yesterday…