Game night! An idea for trying out different things

So, this new forum structure’s real nice. Seen Jester mention organising more game nights.

Which would be nice :smiley:
Now, there’s fair few of us with a fair amount of different games, and some of us bounce around various games.

Rather than wasting time trying to get gud or wait until there’s a perfect moment, how bout we pick a game for a night, download in advance and have a session?

Don’t matter the genre, just a mp game that could be fun, or never have the chance to try.

Might be worth a poll or two (@MicJules :wink: )

There’s a fair amount of games out there from the traditional to the esoteric. Maybe this would be a good way of trying some potential gems in a steam library?

Thoughts and suggestions?


I think this is a good idea. I would be in. Especially as I approach the start of my next uni modules means I may have less time for regular gaming, and need some pre-planned gaming. If that makes sense.

If course I am not going to splash cash on new games per say, but I have some games I haven’t even played with you guys yet installed, pay day 2, Dirty Bomb for example.


I like the idea! Maybe make it a fixed day in the month, have a poll up 1 week before to give people enough time to vote?

One little remark from me for … handicapped people. Could it start a bit earlier then usual? 7-8ish at the latest and typically on either Friday or Saturday evening? Not all the time just every now and then so I have a chance at least :). That would be around 1-2am for me.

I would love to join but what usually happens is either, I try to get back up at 5-6am, on Saturday, everyone already left as I simply overslept and if I try staying up late no one shows up and I go to bed 3-4am. I’m in a really awkward place, would love to join but the time schedule fucks me over big time.

Really dumb for you guys would be around Coffee time, 3pm, some sort of warming up gaming session on Saturday? :D, Would appreciate that if it would ever happen.

couple of game ideas:

Dirty Bomb was an awesome choice Scotty

Gigantic is a new game, kind of very fast pased Overwatch but with Moba game mechanics, look it up its free and lots of fun


Destiny 2, on PC, played the beta and holy hell. Looks like my new gem

Killing Floor 2 - kill Zombies, most stylish

Natural Selection 2 - hard to describe, think about RTS crossover with Shooter in an “Alien” like gameworld, graphics are kinda ‘meh’, but the gameplay is pretty good.

Dauntless - Monster Hunter on PC, unfortunately only in ‘buy-in’ Alpha right now, gets free to play later this year, also only 4 players

Rising Storm 2 - I suck at it, probably fun on a closed server ?

Duck game and Invisigun Heroes, unfortunately 4 player only, but hilarious chaos in groups

I think this is a cool idea to get us all playing games together sometimes as I miss the good 'ole days where we were all playing BF3, 4 etc.

I’m always up for some Alien Swarm but that’s only up to 4 people at any given time but super fun :slight_smile:

I’d be up for trying dirty bomb again as that can be fun but it had some really weird performance issues on my system specifically related to pegging the CPU to 100% after death and pre-game but hopefully that has been patched out now!

I occasionally see the odd few playing killing floor 2, I don’t have it but it does look fun to play as I loved the left 4 dead games!

I have been playing indie games recently but they are not multi player.

@ched Killing Floor 2 is an absolute blast! 6 player co-op as well so there’s always room. I don’t think it’s too expensive at the moment either. It’s less like L4D in regards there’s no running to and from safe points, it’s purely a wave type format, just waves f enemies at you before a final boss at the end.

There’s always a few of us willing to give it a blast!

My wishlist would include a ZiiP game. One that is accessible in terms of interest and cost to all of ZiiP that we could all jump on together and have some of the old days where TS pop was maxed and most of us were in one channel.

I like the idea of smaller coop games, but there are problems with this when you end up with more than the coop limit wanting to play regularly/semi-regularly. I can’t be the only one who sees ZiiPsters playing a game and then counts up the number of players, realises there won’t be a space and then goes and does something else. I think we’d have a handful of these coop games available otherwise I just don’t think smaller coop games would make a game night a success.

On that note though - does any one want a free copy of Killing Floor 2?

I got one in the bundle that any of you are welcome to. First come, first served.

I cannot promise that I’ll actually ever get around to playing it, but I’ll gladly take it off ya :slight_smile:

BC2 or a return to another Battlefield might be fun. Did BC2 have dedicated servers? We might be able to avoid the fucking slug-shot bush-wookies if there is…

There’s always Brink too :joy:

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Brink is now F2P. No idea why - as Dirtybomb is a newer version of the same thing.

i like the idea of BF4 as most people have it and know what they are doing with it :stuck_out_tongue:

or a night of getting on TS and abusing @Xander


Zorn, loving the recommendations. Special note - if you’re gonna play Destiny 2 you better team up, I’m a massive fan and looking forward to the PC release :smiley:

I’ve seen Dirty Bomb pop up repeatedly, perhaps that could be our first “game night?”

Also, as Mars has said a fair few of us have hammered KF2 lately, and a couple have PUBG and Rising Storm 2. Bf4 is also a good shout, still popular and can get it dedicated and run by us if possible :slight_smile:

What do you reckon folks?

We really, really need some less serious, dicks/flaps-out fun with like Prop Hunt or Visceral Clean Up Detail or something.

Something JUST to dick about with.

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Also, Vermintide and Deathwing.

I’d love some ZiiP fuckery on those ones.

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I own Vermentide, played a bunch back then but now … never touched it again. Which is a shame, great atmosphere and inm Coop mode quite nice.

fucking Garry’s mod! Now THERE’s a shout!

Experimental game types, dedicated server we can host, low performance requirements…we should definitely do garry’s mod!

Prop hunt if the game is set up well and with good maps is AMAZING fun. that has my vote!


Ok how bout it then?

Prop hunt good session in the week?

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Could someone in the know post up a guide for us plebs?

Been a while since I’ve played.

Literally just a server config. Download garrys mod, find server, play.

Tomorrow night seem sound for a game?

playing hide and seek but the hiding team are props ( on props team press E to become the prop you are looking at)

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