GAME NIGHT - Vermintide

I did totally get this in the steam sale.

I know a few folk have this (@vredesbyrd :wink: )

Anyone wanna take a crack at this tonight/ tomorrow?

If I’m on it’ll be Titanfall 2 campaign dude, sorry!

Not feeling great at the moment so I’m hiding away.

If you want someone to rant at, just shout and I will pop on TS if I can.

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I’ll get this downloaded again, had a very quick bash when it first came out but never really played properly so happy to join in :slight_smile:

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I’d be up for this, though tomorrow night would be better for me

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At that price I’m getting it…


Ok sat or Sunday is good for me. If anyone s around I’ll be playing.

Me and nal had a blast last night. Really good fun!

Mine downloaded this morning - I think I should be free most of Sunday late afternoon and into some of the evening as well.

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I shall be about when possible. Looking forward to that, always meant to play it properly.

I’m around pretty much all weekend minus being at the motorcycle show on Sunday afternoon

Anyone around? Me and Nal are on

btw steam ID for me is [ZiiP] Xander if anyone needs a request. Dnt think I have spoony or dm on here…

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I can manage some time right now - will see if I can find you…

Managed to randomly jump on from time to time over the weekend - great fun game! Love the Left 4 Dead action.
Was slightly disappointed by the amidst random appearance of strangler rats sometimes but just keeping the group tight helps with that.
Last game I played though we were smashing chains at the bottom of a tower, just dodo the chains and I got strangled. Then someone else did.
All 4 of us within 5 seconds got strangled! Lol

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Man, were I not horrifically hung over I would suggest a game. But alas…I am horrifically hung over.

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I see a few folks have the follow up to this - Vermintide 2

Worth a punt?

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I would join a game BUT my internet connection isn’t too stable right now. Destiny 2 and Warframe seem to somehow work though.

Next week is the first project meeting and I probably wont have much time. Aftter all that I would be up for it. I played the long eared Elf girl.

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