Game "recording" software advice, please

I know NOTHING about any of it, so am after some step-by-step help, please.

For WoWS, WoWPs Division, perhaps Clancy Seige, Conan Barbarians…

Not just how to install, get working but any top tips on space required, formats (no clue if this is a thing) “hosting” to be able to post on here etc.

Only to capture my (our) antics, both good, bad and average!

Manies thankings.

If you’ve got an Nvidia GPU. Shadowplay is your best bet.

All information can be found here -

I’m not on PC atm but if you need help, I’m sure others use it :slight_smile:

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Shadowplay’s pretty elegant, straightforward and can capture up to 20 mins. Comes standard with any nvidia stuff.

Does tend to cause a couple of issues with certain games mind.

using overwolf you can download a app that captures your screen just a thought

Latest windows 10 update had some sort of capture setting built in. Havent tried it yet. Anyone else?

Some of the videos I made for yoputube were with Shadowplay too, its not very demanding for performance and for short 15-20min games the “prerecord” or buffer function is awesome. Just press the button when you had a good game and voila, game footage saved.

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And here’s me still using Fraps… I rarely record any footage now though, but I’ve never found it to be an issue.

I did stump up the few ££ to get the full version though, So I can record a theoretically unlimited length video.

I might try out Shadowplay for War Thunder and see if it works ok. Usually the games are less than 20 minutes, so it would suit it perfectly!

I used to use OBS, but i never reinstalled it after i wiped my PC. It’s easy to use, so good if you’ve never used recording software before

Right so… I got ShadowPlay to work, but it didn’t record any sound.

Also, the file came in at 3.41GB so there is no way in hell I am uploading that any time soon. That kinda sucks :confused:

@Naloac check out Fraps, it’s old but I’ve never had any issues with it.

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I still have my fraps licence from around 2012 or something. Does work well. Seemples.

I used to use bandicam free. 10 minutes of free recording…but I used it lots and most of the WarThunder and WoWS games are longer than that so paid for it wasn’t much and love it. Really worked well

All the ones mentioned - do they “cloud save” automatically, or do they require a hosting site to upload to?


If you are using an AMD GPU there is an inbuild recording (Relive). Can be found in the grimson driver software. Pretty straight forward. As for the hosting I setup a channel in Youtube and then upload the stuff there, when I feel like it. If you have gmail then you already have a youtube account and a channel.

They all record to a local disk (usually can be changed to whichever drive you want), then you’d upload them to YouTube or whatever your preferred platform is.

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You can adjust the bitrate Caolan, if I remember correct, but yes its heavy on the hard drive space. I usually used some sort of video editing software afterwards to get the data rate down (and some basic editing). For the sound, there should be a button for recording all sounds, unfortunate mics included. Resolve Davinci is completely free, bit difficult to use at first but very powerful. Otherwise good old Microsoft Movie Maker still gets the job done :D.

Can Davinci do 1080p x 60 on the free version?

Think so, thats what I used a while ago. Might have changed though!

I haven’t responded on this thread yet, but do have a reasonable amount a setup experience from when we had the Gamestore.

For the Twitch channel I briefly ran, I used a program called XSplit Broadcaster - The benefits with proper broadcast software are (in my opinion, and these feature may be available in your packaged solutions like shadowplay etc too) :

  1. Multi-channel recording with in-game hotkeys to change channel. This basically means you have the ability to setup different screens of what is being recorded. I used this as a ‘boss key’ so if I needed to alt-tab out of game or speak to someone via text chat, I could show a splash-screen on the output feed and keep my screen private.

  2. With Xsplit you can put overlay images/objects on your screen. Some people green-screen themselves in the corner… but you might just want to put links to your personal website (or community website :wink: …) When I ran my 3DS steams, it allowed me to output both the top and bottom screens at the same time.

In theory, I could probably capture both Hayley & My screens and output them in the same stream via a 3rd server… that’d be kinda fun. Broadcast software gives you a lot more flexibility.

Finally, XSplit as does a new piece of software which it describes as a gamecaster, which I think does more traditional recording. I might have a look later myself…