Game "recording" software advice, please


I used Xsplit when I was streaming to twitch. It is very good, but i’ve stop paying for it as I wasnt using it, and the nvida stuff is free and works for what I want to do now.


Tried it, the export works. I can not get the transitions to work properly. Weird lag issues on playback and sound corruption. I have been using lightworks for editing but free will only do 720p 60


i have dabbled with xplit has jes and hammy have said but i have also used OBS and thats very good for recording and streaming


i use shadowplay, and then re-encode with imovie, but all i’m doing is cropping and changing the resolution when i do that.

Most stuff is just stored on my desktop at 3440x1440 at 60fps but at a modest bit-rate to keep the file size down.

shadowplay was the easiest option, my only gripe being it won’t let me use my push to talk button as push to talk.


I’ve only used Fraps and OBS, but can recommend both.
Pretty sure it was Shadowplay that a friend used to record something we were playing before, and that seemed to work pretty well too.