"Gaming disorder"

In what can only be described as a sign of the times, the World Health Organization has recognized a new kind of mental health condition. It’s a familiar ailment, though some of us may be slow to call it a medical condition. It’s called gaming disorder, and it’s characterized by “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour,” or more simply, an addiction to gaming.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have been gaming for decades now and at no time have I ever felt “addicted”. The youth of today, huh?


i can see some validity in this. i know i have been edgy when im interrupted playing a game or have been unable to play for what every reason. i used to put it odnw to part of my depression as ir lessened when i was on citalopram but since not taking it for while now i’ve ‘regressed’ some what so i can see it.

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Rich, I think that’s 2 different things, but, but defo connected.

I can see both things, tbh! So, are they also going to “recognise” “TV disorder”? I would heartily debate that gaming is waaaaaaaaaaaay less “bad” for someone than sat monging in front of a tv, but agree that the length of time spent doing either without a “break” probably isn’t good. Mind, same can be said of working in front of a screen.

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I think we have to also look at the scale from a global perspective. I play games too much - and there are times when I know I have ‘something to do’ and all I want to do is blast some folk in ARMA or R6 etc

However, this is a WHO report and in some countries the problem verges on epidemic. South Korea has had people die from DVT from sitting playing the same game 24/48/72 hours straight. I’ve never done that - I don’t imagine any of us have.

I think the old adage applies in that if you can identify that you do something too much - whether it be drinking, watching TV or gaming then you have less of a problem than someone who denies it. Saying that however, Reno is right in thinking that playing games by itself isn’t ‘thing’ – but when linked with other medical conditions, or depression or anything else for that matter - it can magnify an issue.


The Digital Trends headline does make it sound like Roger and Pete are moving away from rock and into other areas.

Gaming is an addiction… I will be curbing mine for a while; I will limit myself to one gaming night a week and with the new job - I think the travelling will help me achieve this.

4 days out of 5 I will be travelling home from either Didcot (Oxon) or London and will be coming home late and tired.

I am looking at using Saturday early evening as my “play time”. Hope peeps can be about if I ask for a game :slight_smile: Just a shame that this needs to happen just as PUBG gets more popular :frowning:

Things can’t be helped.