Gaming Memories - 1990-2000

As it says on the tin. Lets talk about games when 256 colours was all you could see, the Pentium Processor, and I quote my school friend Chris, “Will never catch on because it is far too expensive” (lol) - and gaming was frankly a geeky past time that was ignored by the masses… (wish it still was)

Where did we all start?

What as your first proper memories?

How old is this thread going to make some of us feel?



Ok, I’ll start with M1 Abrams Battle Tank on the Megadrive. Technically released in 1988 on the Amiga I believe, it didn’t port to the MegaDrive til 1991.

Loved this game. Open world - multi positions you could take up in the tank. Brilliant. I can still remember sitting on my living room floor playing this with my mate Ben as if it was yesterday.

I think when you grew up with games like this, it is probably why you appreciated how amazing games like ARMA III are. Just insane.


Late 80’s/early 90’s
Imagine the scene, a young boy wakes up on Christmas morning and opens his presents in front oh his parents. He tears the wrapping paper off and finds a C64!
He looks up at his parents, who both worked so hard to buy and find this and says I wanted a Nintendo. I was such a little bastard.
Yes a lot of the games were a bit rubbish but the loading screen colours probably induced seizures, but I absolutely adored that little machine.

I just remember playing the Acorn, Amiga, Spectrum, C64 and the NES and megadrive etc…as a kid. They blew my tiny little mind.

I miss my C64 light gun


C64 Was amazing. I had a ZX Spectrum 48K and was in constant envy of my mates Commodore lol.

I had a similar thing with Christmas morning. I really really wanted a Master System 2. I knew the Megadrive was out, but I knew it was waaaay too much money.

Ran down stairs… center of the floor, a wrapped box. I knew the Master System was a rectangled box… instant disappointment… this had its length as long as its width…

Until I unwrapped it :smiley: lol

To go from playing Jet Set Willy on a 48K spectrum to Road Rash on a Megadrive is like going from an ATI Rage to an Nvidia 2080 now. World’s apart.


I remember this game, the untouchables and the turtles so well, from constantly playing them over and over.
The music was and still is incredible in these games

p.s I loved, loved, loved road rash

(like looking at the video, I remember the enemy placement)


I’m pretty sure i played most of these

I remember playing on our computer that mum and dad got. Was the acorn electron. Keyboard and a cassette deck that hooked up to the TV. Was soo much fun playing space invaders but having to wait for that tape to load in, then turn it over to complete lol. And getting the magazines that you copied all the code out (about 10 pages of it) to run a game and only to find a syntax error on line 4404 that you then had to go fine :slight_smile: but that’s a bit before 1990.

Mech warrior 2 was great. Loved the triangles that made up your mechs and the fact you could blow off different parts of the enemy mechs


My first games console was this:

I also played the cart shown quite a lot!

I still have the console and my Sega game gear which is now modded!

16Bit era, for me, was the Commodore Amiga 600!


This was the first online game I ever played, introduced to it by a friend from work.


Again pre-1990s @st00kz - but Dark Sceptre on the Spectrum took up all the system memory that if you wanted to restart the game, you had to reload it from scratch from the tape. Crazy.

Back to the 1990s… 1994 had me hooked on Tie Fighter. Probably one of my favourite games of all time (and I’m not a Star Wars fanboi really)

There was one particular mission that I loved as a kid (not the one above, that’s just the very first one) - You are sent to clear a minefield and show 2 other rookies how to do it… but it’s a trap and its an assassination attempt to take you out - so you call for help and another admiral jumps in with multiple star destroyers to save your ass, and then pursue the rogue admiral over the subsequent missions.

Just having loads of capital ships battling it out was ace. Storyline was amazing.

So other titles I have just remembered:

Quarantine… again 1994. Must have been a good year.

Loved this game. I remember hacking the texture pack and making a snow/winter version of the game. So much fun.

Flashback on the Megadrive - 1992

Actually completed this after a LOT of trying. Really sad ending if I remember right - you basically kill all the mutant aliens… by destroying Earth (doh) - you still yourself in a stasis pod, put yourself into a deep sleep and blast yourself into deep space… hoping (in vain) that someone will find you. Pretty grim

ToeJam & Earl - 1991

Omg this game was amazing as a kid

Really good 2 player split screen… and my mom used to love it! I remember one day not “feeling great” (lol) and me and my mom sat for hours and completed the entire game (there were no saves on the Megadrive) - She pretty much let me skip a day off school to play a video game. She rocks. (or explains my lack of university education… one or the other)


Ahhh man… Flashback and toe jam and Earl were the best.

Virtura racing. Now that was a game. It cost a silly amount of money when it came out but I had to get it.


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Ahhhh and Virtua Fighter… both great in the arcade!


I liked Flashback, but my heart belongs to another world


Gahhhh… Why did I get rid of my megadrive :slight_smile:

Played a lot of stuff on C64 back in the day. Then nintendo later on. Proper memories are from playing wolfenstein. Then ofcourse we played multiplayer games via a com cable and later on with the nice coax cables.

*Sorry Ronin not didnt mean to directly reply to you. Think it was the Another world thing that hooked me.

Vagan Attack. (Not Vegan!! )

ZX Spectrum Loved it. kind like in charge of starship.

Unfortunately this guys video is terrible. Takes ages to just “press any key to start” and then engages the Vagans terribly!!

First games system in the house was probably one of these


Then we had an Atari 2600.

Then Spectrum 128K.

Commodore Amiga 500

Used to love playing Turrican 2 on Amiga, Another world as mentioned by @Ronin Altered Beast,

R-Type!! loved it. Football games a plenty. Kick-Off 2 and sensible soccer

Speedball 2!! “Ice Cream” Ice Cream"

You know what I just googled some games I could remember and came up with just loads of classic Amiga games! Amazing.

Then on to PC. For me.

And ultimately what I suppose brings me right to where I am now. Rescue the Prisonahs!! yeah, and cannae find one game clip of this classsic MP game mode anywhere.

Edit* Sorry dived tight in. First couple of items pre 90’s! Sorry. Old as.

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Oh christ, ermm. Well had a Master System first was second hand, then moved onto Mega Drive a few years after (also a few years after it released) considering I was born in 89 haha… First venture into fps/online was with Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and Unreal Tournament (so as late into the 90s as you can get)

Name the games! Played both of these a lot back in the day!



Attic Attack. Manic Miner. Jetset Willy. Elite. Way of the Exploding Fist. Marsport. Dun Darach. Heavy on the Magic. ETC!


Asteroids. Defender. Pac-Man. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Centipede. Missile Command. ETC!


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Not in the window on the thread title but who has played this?