Gaming Monitor Recommendations Required

My nephew is after a Gaming Monitor for his XBOX ONE - max spend is £200

Any recommendations?


Does he have XBOX One or XBOX One S?

Original XBOX 1 only supports HDMI 1.4, whilst I believe the S supports 2.0. Whilst both can go up to 4K - HDMI 1.4 is only capable of 30FPS, whilst 2.0 is 60FPS.

If original XBOX One, probably better to get a decent 1080 screen over anything higher - saying that, with that budget, that is probably your best option regardless.

So with that said… you’ll want 1ms refresh for action games, and ideally over 60Hz

So, a quick look on Amazon:

For a little bit more money (£52 more than budget)… there is this one - which has amazing specs (0.5ms & upto 165hz and is a larger screen at 27" - You don’t tend to buy monitors that often, so get the best imho)

Alternatively, keeping within budget

Note - obviously - These aren’t recommendations. I’m just finding monitors to look to meet the need. There are probably many more - so check out Overclockers, Ebuyer etc and see what you can find. It really depends on how large you want it (oo-er)

@VirulentPip and @Reno can probably give more detailed advice on what to look for regarding consoles and framerate specs

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It being Xbox One or One S is a very important question.

If One S, I know this is over budget but a very well reviewed 4K 60Hz Freesync monitor (Xbox one S has freesync)

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I have asked the question - I think its just an XBOX ONE

Roger that, any size preference?

There’s a 27" version at £209 but stock seems sparse.

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I have recommended this - turns out he does have an xbox one S

Thanks Pip

Roger that, 1080p 75hz and IPS will still be real nice. Good price for IPS display to be fair.

That’s a nice find pip - the 27" is only £209

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