"Gaming" news in relation to Brexit

Interesting read in relation to Brexit and the UK Gaming industry. In a nutshell the gaming industry is not liking this “deal” that the politicians have cooked up. Now just my 2 cents here, it is not a final deal it is a statement of intent so not really a deal of any kind.


Judging by the amount of ‘media’ stuff in the last few days with everyone and their aunt saying how terrible this is going to be, I can see a second vote happening. It is what always happens when people “don’t pick the right answer” regarding Europe.

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I’m afraid @vredesbyrd that if the EU gets its way, you’re going to have to pay Disney for using that image. Or will I be charged as the site owner? Then subsequently, I’ll have to charge you.

Take something simple. Make it really complicated through law. Nice.

What are you on about? I can post as many memes as I want!


Edit: Wait…

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Yep that “law” is going to be an idiotic thing if it goes through. I don’t believe that even the copyright owners would like that as it will reduce the free marketing that they are getting. Of course they could put in that it is free to use certain bits of their products for free.(images, 30 seconds of video etc.).