Gaming rumours

Read a few things that sound interesting, but not researched it.

1st was that the new Xbox will let you sign into your steamm account and play games from it. Sounds interesting but not sure if true.

2nd is that Alienware are looking into make a pc version of the switch, so you can play pc games on the go. Could be interesting

Hmm… Not sure how that XBSX and Steam thing will work, the games wouldn’t be optimized to run on the hardware (From a PC storefront point of view)

I think the best rumour I’ve heard lately is that the PS5 looks to have a “Remastering Engine” in it for PS1-PS4 games, not just simple backwards compat.

So the Alienware thing is this:


I’ll be all too happy to pick that up!

I’d be happy to pick it up again :sweat_smile:

Could be that the Xbox hardware is planned to be a generic enough implementation of PC hardware that it’s passable without specific optimisation?

Oh, or they could be considering limiting the games that can be played to keep it within performance requirements?

Another possibility is that they could be thinking of using the Xbox as a streaming hub running from your PC, like a big overpowered Steam link. Steam already has the infrastructure and the majority of the backend, so it could be an easy way to add value and increase your library implicitly. In theory it would even be possible to split processing tasks between the PC and the Xbox, which could have some interesting results. Especially as I’m 100% that Microsoft will be looking into implementing cloud infrastructures for gaming based on subscriptions, and a good test-bed for that could be letting people use existing PC game libraries…

Dunno, but possibilities!

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Killzone: Breach - Online only, PS5+PC, Rainbow Six devs joined Guerrilla Games.

The Last of Us: Factions - Online, open world, camps, runners, PS4,PS5+PC.

GT7 - Fully fledged single player, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes heavily linked with the single player, online to continue like GT Sport, 4K 60, HDR, Ray tracing the works.

sorry i saw that and just thought of a laptop XD

they are heavily leaning on cloud stuff next generation ( this gen was supposed to have alot of implementation but the launch was so crap they didn’t do it. but project xcloud could be related to that.

Sony to acquire Kojima Productions, Ready at Dawn and Remedy.

Sony to acquire Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania IPs from Konami.