Garry's Mod Obj Hunt Game night - This week!

Separate thread from the other game night one.

Saw prop hunt suggested and Garry’s mod is real easy to get working. IF anyone would like to try this then reckon we have a game in the week. Mon/wed/Fri I’ll be giving it a bash if anyone wants in.

For anyone’s curiosity, let’s play below of what this game is:

@vredesbyrd @Reno @ChEd @mars, you up?


Sadly I don’t own Garry’s Mod, I would have otherwise

Prop hunt is great, for people who don’t have Garrys Mod, I know TF2 has their version, it’s less glitchy than Garrys mod, but I find Garrys Mod more enjoyable.

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Crud, I won’t be able to make Wednesday (away) or Friday (pub). Tonight is work and prepping for the week.

I dont know the game, though looks interesting from the videos. Plus Northern Ireland match tonight, then off to a wedding on Friday and Amsterdam on Sunday so need to get ready for that.

Looks like a lot of fun and at only £6.99 on Steam, pretty accessible. I’ll be up for it.

Away all day Tuesday. Around the rest of the week.

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Don’t really need a specific day. Just jump on whenever in the week when folk are about.

Coolio. Looking to get it loaded on the dedibox now.

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I’m up for this on the wednesday or friday.

If we can get enough people would anyone be interested in TTT?


Absolutely. TTT is super fun.

Also GMOD murder is a great alternative.

Gmod has alot of cool ‘games’ within it there si a hide seek game that is quite funny

I don’t have Garrys mod unfortunately.

It’s dirt cheap tbh - usually on sale too.

Guys, the mod we’ll use can be grabbed through steam workshop:

Jester, if we’re using the dedicated box for this, reckon it needs this.

Set the box up this morning - rcon controller said it was up but wasn’t visible in browser so n0tch will have a look when he has time.

I think I read right that the workshop stuff can be grabbed through the CLI with just the id= part - so that’ll be easy enough.

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Awesome :smiley:

Will definitely need some fiddling to get this working, might do another topic to get this sorted

Ok, server is working. Thanks @n0tch :slight_smile:

I’m not around tomorrow until the evening. I’ll have a look at the mods then.


Well its the weekend so reckon we can have a crack at this.

Now @Reno has correctly pointed out you may need additional files for a lot of the stuff to work.

Thankfully Garry’s mod is tied to Steam workshop so it’s pretty easy to get what we need. Probably the same for the server side stuff as well @Jester

I’ll have a gander when I’m home today at what we might need so we can give it a crack this weekend :slight_smile:

Yep - I’ve made a “ZiiP Dedi Collection” which seems to be how you link mods together… I’ll try and have a look later to see if it is all working.

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there are ways for the server to host the files like maps and taunts ect but they are just as easily got buy looking on the workshop